I acquired 15k to spend for a journey… I really like rx7s however ofc everyone knows that’s a pipe dream… so now I feel I may be taking a look at skyline gtst’s… I’ve heard it’s attainable to get one for 15k… I simply don’t know learn how to discover one… can anybody supply some recommendation or possibly level me in the best path???


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  • Where do you live? Even in my country nz where skylines are more common than USA the prices for a non fucked skyline gtst is more than 15k

  • You can find plenty for sale through Facebook marketplace groups. There are a lot of buy / sell groups for skylines in the US. There is even a Carolina skylines group, though less sales on there. If you don’t want to do a private purchase and prefer an importer, you could check out jdm classics in Virginia. The price of gtsts has gone up though and a clean coupe with a gtr frontend like you have pictured will run in the low 20s now. For 15k you will likely find a reasonable project though. Good luck. Also I know of an fd rx7 roller being sold for 15k right now as well from searching the various groups I’m in.

  • a running, non rusted, not clapped skyline for $15k in the USA is a pipe dream. if you’re just now trying to buy a JDM classic for a reasonable price, you’re already too late. you can find other good entry level newer cars for that price like a 350z, 300zx non-turbo, etc. i was buying a 240sx 10 years ago and decided to get a Mustang GT instead because it was nicer at the time, now i’m kicking myself for not buying the 240

  • how do you plan to use the car (daily, project, novelty, etc)

    where do you live

    what are your goals in a car?

    also as a rule of thumb: if the person offering you advice doesn’t own a JDM car, ignore them.

    my money is a JDM car isn’t the move, but i want to hear what you want one for