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HOLY CRAP!!!! This R33 GTR is absolute MONSTER!!! The period of time, effort and cash into this automobile is staggering. For as we speak’s video, we get to take a look at this sick construct, go for a journey, after which I get to drive it! As a result of the automobile continues to be in break in interval we could not beat on it 100%. Even being restricted the automobile sounded and felt superb. Take a look at this components listing!
Tomei Expreme TI – Titanium Exhaust Stream System – Catback- 89.1mm/115mm Tail
Greddy- Belief Intercooler Equipment. 302mm/600mm/100mm
Greddy Radiator
Eagle Billet 77.7mm Stroker Crankshaft Skyline GT-R R33 RB26DETT
Manley Cast Pistons 2.8L Stroker Set Excessive Responsibility RB26DETT 86.5mm 0.5mm 9.0:1
CP-Carrillo Wrist Pins – 9310 Metal, Case Hardened, Cryogenically Handled
BC6239 Brian Crower H Beam Rods Skyline RB26DETT
ARP ARP2000 RB26 Most important Stud Full Equipment Skyline
ARP ARP2000 RB26 Head Studs Skyline GT-R RB26DETT
7M2428H-STD ACL Race Most important Bearings STD RB26DETT
6B2960H-STD ACL Race Rod Bearings STD RB25DET RB26DETT
15010-24U01 Nissan OEM RB25/RB26 N1 Oil Pump
RB Spline Pushed Billet Oil Pump Gears – Swimsuit N1 Oil Pump
Supertec – N1-Nismo oil pump billet again plate – Made out of 6082 T6 aluminium
SPRK-M1007D/RB Supertech Skyline RB26DETT 92lb Twin Valve Springs Retainers
TA301A-NS05E Tomei PROCAM Camshafts Set 272 Length 10.25mm Carry R32 R33 RB26
PHR 02061208.38.8P.6 PHR V3 CNC Twin Walbro 485 Hanger3/8 Barb fittings, Single -8AN Outlet, -6AN Return
F90000274 Walbro Common 450lph In-Tank E85 Gas Pump Excessive Stress
400-1168 Walbro Common Set up Equipment for F90000267 E85 Pump
20-0223-00 Radium Engineering DMR Gas Stress Regulator -8AN ORB – Bl
Radium Engineering Gas Rail Equipment for Skyline GT-R 1989-02 R32 R33 R34 RB26DETT
Injector Dynamics ID1050x 1065cc Gas Injectors RB26DETT Nissan Skyline GTR R32 R33 R34 11mm
TB101A-NS05A Tomei Timing belt RB26DETT
917753 ATI Tremendous Damper Crank Pulley 1000hp RB26DETT Skyline R33
TA302B-NS05A Tomei Adjustable Cam Pulley RB26DETT/RB25DE(T)/RB20DE(T) IN
TA302C-NS05A Tomei Adjustable Cam Pulley RB26DETT/RB25DE(T)/RB20DE(T) EX
Valino GV330 9.5Jx18 5H 114.3 -3/+12 w/265R R08 Valino Tires
Haltech Elite 2500 ECU – Plug ‘n’ Play Nissan Skyline R33 GTR
Tomei Sort-A Strong Lifters-1mm further, For Φ30 base circle. 10.25mm+ raise
OEM Nissan RB26DETT Water Pump
RB Twin CAM PRP Crank Set off Equipment w/CAS Bracket
Nismo Heritage Engine Block – NEW – 11000-RHR20 (11000-05U00)
NAPREC Excessive Reponse Large Valve RB26DETT Cylinder Head – NEW
New OS Giken Cast Transmission Internals
Borgwarner SEX-369 Turbo

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Thanks for watching!!!!

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