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Hey all, you’ll must excuse my lack of awareness on JDM automobiles. I just lately moved and one in all my neighbours has this (300zx?) sitting on his property. He appears to haven’t any worth to the automotive and I used to be curious if it was value taking off his palms. Ideas?


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  • One of the most difficult cars to work on, and you have to realize you’re taking on a huge project with something like that.

  • Like others said. This car is most likely N/A so you could pick one up relatively cheaply around 7-12k in nice condition. This one doesn’t seem to have an engine and the whole right rocker is gone. Will need a ton of rust repair just judging from this photo and is ultimately not worth it. These cars in mint condition are already a pain in the ass to work on so save yourself a headache and buy a nice one if you want a Nissan 300ZX.

  • Probably not worth it, looks like its been sitting there for over 5 years, probably busted as hell, fixing it will cost as much as buying a new tesla probably.

  • After looking under the hood of one… I would only get one if jt was close to free and I would swap something that allowed for more space in the bay

  • I have a similar story with a 280zx. I ended up taking it home, it’s currently gutted and waiting for me to throw money at it 😂 but if you like the car and it’s free or cheap I’d say it’s worth it cause you can do whatever you want with it and avoid stick from purists (which is stupid imo, but it’s definitely true). It just takes time and money, but you’ll feel better once it’s done! Plus you helped save a car from an iconic line of sports cars.

  • It’s not worth it unless your pockets are large and hands are small. If it’s the turbo model, it’s even moreso complex. I wouldn’t buy a ZX unless it was very clean and decent records kept.

  • If it’s a twin turbo then….maybe. This thing is parked uncovered in the woods and without all that making it a pile of shit it came from the factory as one of the hardest cars ever to work on. This thing looks like it has body issues and no engine, so I’d take a hard pass on it as your neighbor is likely correct about this thing being worthless. The only debate is who is at fault of it, him or a previous owner.

  • The only thing I can see is the base of drift/track car and that if there is still metal in the chassis, look rotten.

  • Judging by those aide skirts not worth it. The 300zx is my fav car ever but if you don’t have too much time money ir experience then stay away.

  • Hey If you can get it for 500 or less go for it but there is no way you could get it to run and drive with dumping stupid amounts of money into it

  • horrible to work on especially if you are fairly new. Also looks like a rust bucket looking at the right side skirt. i’d keep looking, that thing is gonna be a money pit

  • If it’s free or sub $100 I’d say go for it, at the very least you could clean it up and sell the shell or parts and make money back. If it does come with the engine, take it apart, learn some stuff.

  • In my eyes…fat nope. Rust got to the panels, be a miracle if the frame wasn’t rusted out. It’s a nice car but that one seems to be an it’s last legs.

  • I own two of these Z’s. With the rocker rust and no engine it’s scrap/parts. I wouldn’t give more than 500 if the interior is in good shape.

  • No cap you can see the rest from that far away… Usually they do that in Japan to not pay the recycling fee.

  • Do it! It’s a money pit, yes, but no one said you’d have to do it in a year! Slowly but surely! Your not gonna regret it! When that shit fires up and runs ittl feel like your on cloud 9.

  • I would want to have a proper look at it. Looks like the owner has jacked the car up and put blocks under it which means it might be laid up properly.

    I would assume all the rubber hoses are knackered and will need replacing. If you have facilities to drop the engine out then that’s OK. If you are doing it with the engine in place then that’s not a good job.

  • If it’s cheap enough and you have the patience, part it out. As a car, it’s worth a lot less than the sum of its parts.

  • Its about 10K. I’d make a deal for like 5-600 and keeping it in a garage then selling it after 3years ‘cuz as current standings the jdm market is still rising

  • In the condition it’s in I’d say don’t try it unless you have tens of thousands of dollars burning a hole in your pocket. They’re hard to work on and the cost of maintaining them and/or modding them very much reflects that. They’re beautiful cars but if you’re an average joe I’d say it’s a no-go.