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Sporty first automotive that is jdm? So after alot of apply I am getting my license subsequent yr and I actually need a jdm automotive. I am very fortunate that I can have the funds of 10k. I am not by any means wealthy I’ve simply saved up. On the lookout for a sporty automotive I can every day. Going to import from Japan! Lmk if u obtained suggestions!


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  • Buy something like a civic.
    Affordable, somewhat safe, not too wild.
    If you’re in an LHD country get it in LHD.
    Just learn to drive for a year or two, then think about exotic ideas or whatever

  • Don’t get a sporty first car… just get a shitbox so you can do dumb things with it without thinking much about it.

    After that you’ll know better what kind of car you want to drive and what to do to keep it clean.

    Importing for a first car is a gamble. If you have too much money then yeah maybe… otherwise just get a reliable shitbox locally first.

  • Importing is going to be more than 10k. Also, stay with low HP for a first car, even with a lot of practice it’s better to start out with low power (I know from experience) get to know the car, then slowly increase your power.

    EDIT: I can’t spell.

  • Save your money. Don’t spend it all on your *first* car. Idc where you are in the world, but get something you can afford to fix or just don’t mind fixing at all. Because shit is going to happen to the car in the first two years. So my advice is essentially, find something under budget that has easily replaceable parts, then continue to save up to get a bitchin second car when you’re more comfortable with driving and it becomes natural

  • As someone who has imported a car recently from Japan, PLEASE DON’T DO IT, IT’S WAY TOO RISKY. The money you might save importing is worth less that having a proper look and drive of the car. I saw others suggesting BRZs and Miatas and I have to agree that they are perfect budget cars for drivers. Evo 7s are nice but are getting a bit pricey so if you manage to get one it’ll appreciate but as will basically every JDM car. Looking forward to having you in the JDM community bro.

  • I don’t think a “sporty” car for the first one is the best idea, especially when you live in a country where conditions might be tricky all the year. You’re an inexperienced driver and it’s better to start with something what doesn’t encourage you to hit the pedal to the metal all the time.

  • Forrester/Outback. They drive great. A bit less common. Handle the snow well, crazy practical, hardy and not the most common. Lots of nice mods out there, they share a lot with the Impreza, and easy STI engine swaps. They can rock the battle car look or low stance with a quick change of wheels/tyres and ride height.

    If you get a yourself a second mid diff, you can weld it up, pull out the front shafts and you’ve got a boxer engined drift machine that can carry its own tools, plus you can sleep in it and fit in a bunch of friends.

    Being what they are insurance isn’t super expensive and mods/swaps tend to fly under the radar.

  • i’m biased but maybe a prelude. 3rd gens look somewhat similar to the older accords, and 5th gens have more of the sporty look. Parts are pretty easy to get, and there are a lot of owners in the EU. Plus it’s reliable and fun to drive 🙂 I would only get a manual though, the autos blow

  • Lol if you want something jdm dont start at jdm legend sports cars, im tired of these kids wanting to import, evo 5s, supras, skylines, rx7s, s14 s15s gtos… like no.. not for your first car, start at something cheap like a jdm legacy b spec, or a toyota crown athlete, or a mark x 250g… thats what ill be getting into later this year, or an is350 version s.

  • Sweden? Look for a local e46 325xi and supe it a bit, get it into the 200hp range and the AWD should help out

  • Don’t import, just buy a local Mazda MX-5 / Miata, it’s way cheaper and makes more sense for a **1st** car.

  • Realistically speaking a Ferrari j50. If not maybe a Bugatti Chiron / Koenigsegg Regera. The thing here is you don’t wanna go too cheap and lose out on quality tho so really you’d be looking at probably a Bugatti La voiture noire. Reliable, cheap and gas efficient probably like 15 mpg that’s crazy!!

  • How the hell do we still have these posts? Buy a god damn beater and stop asking which over priced car should be a good first car.

  • We should stop encouraging young kids to buy cheap and reliable cars and let them spend their money on over priced shit boxes that they won’t be able to afford to fix so they can learn their lesson and stop making dumb post like this.

  • I mean if you can find an Evo for that price go for it. Just realize you will be making mistakes in your first car. It might be boring, but pick up a civic or an accord. Don’t import if you can help it, that’s a lot of extra effort and complications and money.

    You’d be surprised how much fun to drive a cheap little Honda can be. Plus they’re reliable, common, and if you ding up the front bumper you won’t feel like such an imbecile. Save the nice car for when you have more experience.

  • buy a british car, if you really want to import a car thats rhd, thats the way to go. you wont even have to sip it to sweden, you could just drive across europe which would be waaayyyy cheaper. check honda ep3’s or celica gt4’s in britain (theyre great first cars).

  • Start with a rwd like a 240sx. Once you learn how to drive that every thing else will be easy. I agree with the dont import get a rwd shitbox. So you can drift it and beat the hell out of it. Those are the best first cars. Mine was a 90s f150 with a 5.0l in it. It was a blast.

  • Do you have any tools? I’m not talking about a cheap socket set from AutoZone, I’m talking about access to an air compressor and pneumatic tools. Breaker bars of various lengths, sockets both deep and shallow, 6 point and 12 point. A set of matching jack stands, not 2 from craftsman and 2 from some other company. A proper set of torque wrenches. A proper floor jack, and the space to use them, your own garage? Your parents? Plan on going to college? Shit plans are built on shakey foundations.

  • 🤣 save more money if you’re going to import. Mine was over 10k usd after shipping, taxes, etc. And in a high tax country like Sweden, it will be more. Just get something cheap and local for a few Krona and for the big purchase.

  • JDM fans make me wanna rip my hair out, by the American (or wherever you are from) version of the car first. If that car does not exist, then import a close second, for example if you are in a LHD state, consider getting a LHD import.

    Buy a normal car, you can have fun in an American Accord or Civic. An American Corolla or a Camry. They exist and are good cars, virtually the same cars besides a few differences.

    It seems you are Swedish so I recommend a European car from Germany, or Britain or wherever is close or cheapest.