RHD to LHD: Hey guys, I would wish to ask how a lot does a RHD to LHD normally value. I plan to purchase a late 90s RX-7 from japan and want to drive it on the streets with none issues. Any solutions, feedback, or options are welcom. Thanks


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  • For some reason I can’t seem to edit my post, I’m kinda new to reddit so sorry.
    To clarify, I’m from the Philippines and RHD are illegal to drive in my country and must be converted to LHD before they can be issued a plate and be road legal

  • I saw all of your guy’s comments, it seems I have underestimated the project I was going to undertake. I will reconsider my decision. Thank you very much for all of your responses and suggestions

  • I remember looking a bit into this before importing my car, and it sort of depends how ratchet you’re willing to go. If you want everything to look factory and neat, you’ll have to get an LHD dash, climate control knob/button cluster, center console, and all that on top of having to move half of your engine bay around.

    In my case, dashes for the Supra were in the four figure price range and very hard to find, driving the full price of the conversion into the 5,000-10,000 USD territory. Would not recommend.

  • Hi! From ph as well and i recently just imported c35 nissan laurel RHD. The full conversion costed me $3,000 to get everything right. The conversion was done in subic btw. Some importers offer conversion even before shipping the car so you might want to ask them first. Take note, the more you spend into getting a good shop to do it, the better the results.

  • Really depends on the car, some are really easy some or not.

    Look at the difference between a left and right hand drive car.

    Its not an easy process tbh because you need to remove the complete dash and buy everything for a lhd version. And thos are getting rare for these cars.

    I would keep it rhd, its not a big problem for must use cases, do it myself but not on a daily basis.
    Unless you park it in a parking garage every day where your scanner/card is on the other side.
    Or just drive backwards.

  • Guy who lives in the UK here.

    Don’t convert, can confirm RHD is superior. Imagine using your dominant hand to change gear.

  • You would likely need to buy two: one for converting and a wrecked one (or a front clip). You will need a ton of parts including the firewall, most of the interior from doors forward, wiring harness, steering, etc.

    Knowing prices and availability for USDM parts here in the US… yikes.

    I wouldn’t say theres a “usual” cost because this is done so infrequently.. maybe ever?

    It’s going to be prohibitively expensive. Sorry bud, I would look to a different car if buying/importing a USDM one is out of the picture.

  • It’s pretty easy to do (I’m from country where conversions were legal, and it isn’t anymore). You need to change headlights (or convert them, as in case if it’s lense only – you need to swap plate inside only, which cut the light and forms pattern; on some more modern cars you can do it by going into cars menu), power steering (in some cars you can place it in other way round, in others – need LHD version of power steering), obviously dashboard needs changing as well.
    Since RX7 was produced in both, RHD and LHD, wiring will be long enough for both options, and wiring loom won’t be problematic to convert.

    Wipers are optional, but if it isn’t done in proper way – under heavy rain you may get blind spot, since RHD wouldn’t clear drivers view properly, in some cases its better to go Mercedes style – one central wiper.

    You also need to check requirements, legal ones, as for example in my country fog light need to be either in the middle, or on the left, but cannot be on the right side of the vehicle.

    In general, very often you need to purchase headlights and dashboard only, the rest – fits anyways, you can do it yourself, if you are handy, in little more than a day

  • Like other people have said, it’ll be pretty expensive as there aren’t many kits out there for something like that.

    You’d basically have to buy a RHD RX7 and then a wrecked LHD one and then swap the dash and steering mechanisms from one to the other. In the end you’ll probably be spending more than if you just bought one of the overpriced LHD ones.

    Generally the conversion is done for cars that are very rare or never came to US markets

  • Well, on Mazda idk, on evos and subarus a good work is around 9k euros or more. Less you spend, the shittiest work you have

  • The real issue is if you want a full interior. LHD interior plastics are EXTREMELY hard to find in good condition now. I think if you buy it RHD, just keep it RHD.

  • So do you actually have 80k spare for a 90s Mazda or are you just pipedreaming like everyone else in this sub?

  • Well it doesnt have to be LHD to be road legal. But i will never do a drive side conversion. It was never be as structurally sound as from factory