RB25 POWER! Components checklist under. R34 GTT 800HP BUILD, for now it will likely be 600HP in a number of weeks.
I additionally forgot to say that the turbo I’m utilizing is the borg warner s200sxe with the dual scroll T4 and 0.83 AR, 70mm. Even have the 6boost twin scroll manifold and genuine greddy entrance going through consumption manifold.

Components checklist:
Bored out to 86.5 -1600
Cp pistons -1600
Crank was shaved- 500
BC rb26 rods- 950
ARP hardware- 250
Ross efficiency balancer- 750
ARP headstuds- 350
New water pump- 250
Professional alternator bracket / Is alternator- 150
HKS timing belt/timing gears- 500
272 kelford cams- 1250
BC springs and retainers- 1300
Adjustable enhance doc vct gear
Cometic head gasket- 250
N1 oil pump- 400
Crankshaft collar- 300
Set off equipment -400
New oil pan- 300
ACL race bearings- 200
Tarkks oil plate
New Nismo motor mounts- 220
ACT 6 puck HD race clutch- 650
Light-weight fly wheel- 560
R35 coil packs- 900
Mishimoto radiator- 380
6boost twin scroll turbo manifold- 1800
Greddy blow off valve- 300
257sxe supercore borg Warner twin scroll turbo, 0.83 AR- 1250
Greddy ahead going through consumption manifold- 1300
Q45 throttle body- 310
Walbro 450 gasoline pump- 150
Radium gasoline rail- 370
Turbo sensible 50mm wastegate- 680
Bosch 1000cc injectors- 650
Flex gasoline system for e85
Tranny transformed to push sort
Nismo differential- 1200
Transmission rebuilt
Cucso adjustable coil overs -1800
Ecumaster EMU traditional ECU / sensors- 1800
Taarks oil filter relocation kit- 350
Aeromotive gasoline stress regulator-350
HKS catback and downpipe- 700
Radium catch can- 280

Beauty mods:
Painted engine {hardware} and covers
Carbon hood
Xenon upgraded headlights
Nismo shift knob
NRG steering wheel
Tinted lights throughout
Blue tooth deck

Nissan skyline r34
nissan skyline r34 gtt
rb25 neo

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