Cease asking “there’s this previous (well-known jdm automotive) on my road, ought to i get it as my first automotive and restore it?” How are you going to restore a automotive with none information? JDM automotive components are costly anyhow, so its higher to get a working one (like a standard individual).


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  • For real, the less ppl gutting an interior, cutting fenders for wide body… All on a non running car… It would be great. A YouTuber recently said that the best thing to happen to jdm 90’s cars is that they are getting too expensive for 16 year olds to buy.

  • For most cases I would say if you can’t afford a daily and a project car, you cant afford for your daily to be a project car.

  • Naaaaaah mate, let them learn the lesson of paying well over the odds for parts that take 2 months to arrive.

  • Sucks for newer generations. I have gone through so many Japanese cars growing up because prices where dirt cheap, now it’s like a life choice that’ll make or break their bank at this point. Crazy what a ten year difference will make on the market.

  • Some of us do it for the love of the cars. I bought an rx7 out of a field and have been making it my own for many years. Rb25 swapped, custom bodywork, fully rewired. It’s taught me alot and I’ve been able to help alot of people becuase I decided to fix it up and had to learn along the way. A bad decision if I needed at daily but that’s why you have a reliable unmodded second vehicle.

  • I mean you will either step out of your comfort zone and act or be a pussy on the internet criticizing people for acting on it.

  • Yeah having a project that’s also a daily can be rewarding, but, it’s a lot when you’re broke lmfao.

    I’m about to just get an E46 or an E90 and put this car in storage.

  • There’s this old rx7 on ny street. I know jack shit about rotoaries, let alone cars. Should I get it as my first car? πŸ˜πŸ”«