What number of Evos Can you notice? Story: I noticed an EVO from the surface of the car parking zone not understanding what I had myself coming. I counted a complete of 100EVOs contained in the car parking zone. The blokes who organised the occasion stated it was one of many largest EVO occasions on the earth. The occasion was in Madrid (Spain)


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  • Back in 2008 the MLR held an event and 273 evo’s took part in a parade lap of Castle Combe Circuit..

  • Answer: There are 7 Mitsubishi Evo in this Image. I believe there are actually more but the resolution doesn’t allow you to know for sure. But I will say you can see up to 7

  • The total amount of cars in the event was over 100.

    – (11) nº EVO X

    – (18) nº EVO IX

    – (16) nº EVO VIII

    – (7) nº EVO VII

    – (16) nº EVO VI


    – (14) nº EVO V

    – (6) nº EVO IV

    – NA nº? EVO III

    – NA nº? EVO II

    – NA nº? EVO I