Calling all GTR house owners! I am so near pulling the set off on getting an R33 – is it price it getting one now within the present market? Is it price it paying the additional at a vendor or ought to I search/import alone? Any recs on locations for honest costs could be significantly appreciated <3


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  • Right before USA was able to import the R33s, there was one in Toronto Ontario Canada that was for sale that I should have jumped on to hold. It was an R33 GTR Vspec in midnight purple for $20000 CAD.

    Absolutely unreal how high these have skyrocketed!

    But I would suggest a broker. Theres a lot of paperwork that needs to be done and to ship a car with a company that owns their own shipping containers will save you a crap ton of money! I imported my car through Right Drive in Ontario Canada. Offered warranty with the car.

  • use a broker

    whats your budget? what trim?

    do you have a backup car? have you looked into insurance?