Trying to purchase my first JDM in Germany, finances is round 30k €. I used to be on the lookout for a 370z however I’ve learn the operating price is so excessive I’d aswell get an M240i and I would nonetheless be cheaper off in the long term. Any Assist is way appreciated.


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  • Lmao 370z high running costs?

    1st I’ve heard of it . That m240 will run you into the ground with costs before the z does.

    You got a decent budget, you should be able to find something good imo.

    Remember some of these cars are pretty old now and unless they’re religiously maintained I’d budget for wearable item repairs. Bushes etc

  • If you’re open to pretty much anything, then start looking on marketplaces for good deals and looking around your local area. Usually you’ll find something. Even in my small little Florida town, there’s a sitting 240z.

  • I am not 100% sure on all prices right now, but you could get a very nice nissan s13/s14, a good nissan 300zx turbo, a good mitsubishi 3000gt, a good Honda Integra type r, a Toyota celica gt4 if you can find one, or an mr2 turbo. Evos and stis should also be in your budget.
    If you want a wagon, Nissan stagea, mitsubishi vr4 or Subaru legacy gtb could be options as well. All well within your budget.
    Skylines might also work, but no gtrs for 30k I think.

    Most importantly in Germany, since all those cars are quite rare and your budget is relatively high: take your time and wait for a really good one. So many things on mobile/eBay Kleinanzeigen are fucked. Made this mistake myself and bought the first thing I looked at. Paid quite a lot to fix it afterwards..
    Good luck!

  • I’m generally open to all brands and models, doesnt have to a coupe or roadster. I don’t reaaally like the old Civic Type R tho. Looks like a door wedge to me, no offense Civic enthusiasts.

  • Get a 370Z. I’ve got a 2010, and I’ve never had an issue with mine. When I hit 150k miles, I will be replacing the gallery gaskets as a preventative measure.

  • I am watching the german market for a long time now and I think right now are Subarus some of the cheapest on the german markets(10-20k) after that 350z for arround 15k and then bmw m3 e46 for 20-25k. Hope that will help.

  • I mean I’d need more info.

    What do you like to drive? Are you a power man? Are you like me and insist on rwd only? Do you want/need a factory turbo and are you planning on building it or just daily driving? All factors in choosing the right jap cars

    Like what I read from wanting a 370 is you might be a drifter maybe skiddy bois do love the 350z/370z line of cars so rwd, and you like the higher end of the power scale. From that I can suggest a couple but theyre getting old. Hard to find and I don’t know what’s in your country. Easiest target is going to be the mark x lots of build potential, easily available and drivable as is… major drawback being auto only without aftermarket kits and modification. But it’s fuel stats won’t be much better

    Generally speaking my experience of Japanese cars is you get power or economy but I wouldn’t expect both. I mean they’re better than American cars but my wife’s turbo Audi Q5 is bigger and significantly heavier than my altezza but somehow uses half the gas the Toyota does. I’d still rather pay the money hahaha.

    If you want to get to work on 40 a week buy a Corolla but don’t expect to get there fast or have a terribly exciting drive.