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Extraordinarily noob artist right here, would this design do if Nissan ever decides to really produce an S16 Silvia? What specs wouldn’t it have as properly? Could not draw a aspect view as a result of I am an Extraordinarily noob artist and once I tried the proportions are method off…


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  • I mean with where the styling language is at in todays market this would probably sell decently well, especially if they stick a reliable yet spicy turbo 4 banger under the hood, and maybe they could also bring back the se model and stick a detuned vq30dett in it from the new z? The issue that I can see though is that the development cost for such a vehicle would probably be higher than the sales, sadly.

  • Front looks real modern, the back side looks a bit too old. I would keep the front, and change the back entirely. Also, if you want better feedback, maybe check out r/cardesign

  • It looks pretty fucking awesome but the only downfall I see is that naturally the S16 would be a development of the S15 whereas what you’ve drawn looks like a 14 with new lights and bumpers.
    Would maybe be better suited as full makeover kit like the boss bunny?

  • That would be a pretty cool successor! But I believe it will be electric and only has the name in common :/

  • Front end looks amazing it’s rear end that’s giving me honda vibes for some reason. Still wayy better than what I can draw