Hey, I’m 15 as of proper now and I used to be questioning what can be an excellent first automobile ? To be sincere, I primarily need a JDM automobile for simply the aesthetics. However the energy of those automobiles fascinate me as properly. I’m not very fluent in automobiles, however I wish to discover a automobile during which I can be taught on and work on.


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  • Do not start with a high hp hero car. Get some real world driving experience under your belt in a safe and basic car, then you’ll be a better driver and able to get more out of a higher powered car and enjoy it more. Really if you’re a JDM fanboy just get the best/newest Honda with a VTEC engine in your price range and start there

  • get a car that drives for the beginning. a high HP car at 15 aint gonna work out. depending on the location you also have to pay insurance depending on HP. a Civic would be a decent first car. its FF, reliable, easy to drive and work on. it wont have too many HP stock. If you get a manual (highly reccomended as a beginner), you learn how to drive that shitbox and you will appreciate your dream car a lot more once you get all the money it takes to buy and maintain it

  • get a old ass RWD car, like 80s 90s. It’s a guarantee they will break but easiest cars to fix, in terms of simplicity (you won’t have 100 billion sensors and ECU complications) you can make it a good street car, like a brick RWD volvo with bulletproof red block engines (240,740 940)

  • Rx7, fc and fbs are still pretty cheap and they are super reliable. On top of that most shops know how to work on them so you’ll never be without any advice if you run into trouble.

  • Import a Honda Fit RS. Enough in the 1.5 VTEC to have fun, seriously reliable (won’t be a money sink), forgiving to drive. Picking mine up tomorrow =D

  • If you get a super rare JDM car as you’re first you’ll probs look like a knob, imo you should go for good mpg and good insurance for you’re first, and preferably something not much higher than 50,000km on the meter

  • civic, and if you start saving now a miata could be a possibility too! make sure you save, cuz the more you save now the more leverage you’ll have when you buy the car. if it needs any work done, things replaced like breaks tires oil change coolant, basic maintenance means when you buy the car in the first place!

  • Import a toyota glanza, shares a lot of parts with a tercel or paseo. You can swap the block from a corolla so it will be a 1.5 instead of 1.3 with a turbo

  • Old supras can run pretty cheap, and they aren’t too powerful for a new driver. Mk2 with the 5mge makes ~130 horsepower, a bit more with the GTE, The mk3 with the 7mge runs about 190 horsepower, closer to 230 with the GTE. Silvia’s, civics, miatas, celicas, all good stuff. You could go for an rx-7 but it might be a bit too close to the deep end.