When you thought the Mazda RX-7 or the Mazda Miata is the good Mazda you possibly can personal, there’s in all probability one you’ve by no means heard of, the Mazda Cosmo. However when you performed Want For Pace (NFS) underground, you could have an thought of what the Mazda Cosmo is.

Within the late Nineteen Sixties, Japanese producers have been going out of their technique to make halo automobiles as a advertising and marketing technique. The Mazda Cosmo was first produced as Mazda’s halo automobile in response to Toyota’s halo automobile, the Toyota 2000GT. However Nissan had already made their halo automobile in collaboration with Yamaha, the Yamaha YX30, earlier in 1961. 

Nevertheless, the Yamaha YX30 and the Toyota 2000GT are associated since Nissan ditched Yamaha after they realized that the YX30 halo automobile didn’t meet their expectations. In 1964 Yamaha took the YX30 designs to Toyota, and Toyota constructed the 2000GT based mostly on the Yamaha YX30. 

So, the Mazda Cosmo stays the one purebred halo automobile that went to large-scale manufacturing, because the Toyota 2000GT was discontinued in 1970. The Nissan changed the Yamaha YX30 with the Prince Skyline and the Nissan Fairlady. 

Mazda independently designed and engineered the Mazda Cosmo equipping it with the primary twin-rotary engine. From the second era, Mazda started utilizing 4-cylinder engines alongside twin-rotor engines. Manufacturing began in 1967, and a part of the rationale you’ve by no means seen a Mazda Cosmo is that it was by no means offered within the US. 

The well-known 13B engine was born in 1973, however Mazda used it within the Mazda REP (Rotary Engine Pickup) and the RX4 earlier than utilizing it within the Mazda Cosmo. Different rotary engines used within the Mazda Cosmo embody the 12A, 12B, and 20B. Is a Mazda Cosmo higher than a Mazda RX-7? Most likely. However the RX-7 isn’t Cosmo’s major competitor. 

Execs and Cons


1990 Mazda Eunos Cosmo 3 Rotor RE Type SX 20B Coupe RHD FD3S RX7


In case you are available in the market for a JDM luxurious sports activities coupe, you primarily revolve across the Toyota Soarer or the Honda (Acura) Legend. The Mazda Cosmo isn’t too widespread within the US. Nonetheless, it sits above the Soarer and Legend concerning luxurious options. 

The inside doesn’t give out a lot, however Mazda made the Cosmo an opulent various to the RX-7. Within the inside, every part is roofed in leather-based. From the door trims to the gear selector knob. This may irk some, particularly if in case you have children who love leaping on the leather-based seats when you get one with a cream or white inside. 

Mazda Cosmo

Some options, akin to a satellite tv for pc cellphone and touchscreen management, have been elective on base trim fashions and normal on high-sped fashions. However the truth that Mazda used such options within the 90s makes Cosmo one of the luxurious JDM automobiles. You may use the Navstar navigation system when your cellphone dies. 

The primary-gen Cosmo, Sequence L10A/L10B, is under no circumstances luxurious by at the moment’s requirements. However when you get one which has been saved effectively, you’ll discover its glorious inside high quality. It was not solely constructed as a halo automobile but additionally as a race automobile. The inside has a mixture of racing components however maintains a clear, luxurious enchantment with leather-based and wood touches. 

Mazda Cosmo

Rotary Energy (Excessive Revving)

Rotary (Wankel) engines are a few of the greatest JDM engines ever made. Tuners and automobile lovers will inform you to not purchase a automobile with a rotary engine except you might be mentally and financially ready to personal one. That is true, however you need to look on the brighter aspect. 

Rotary engines have a less complicated construct and thus are straightforward to switch and work on than piston engines. A easy construct means fewer transferring components, leading to a small, light-weight engine that may rev to over 7000RPM. 

For a first-time proprietor, the perfect you are able to do is substitute worn-out components and hold the engine inventory. You’ll be able to simply obtain over 1000 horsepower from a 13B or 12A engine, however that is the place issues begin to go downwards. These engines push round 130 to 250 horsepower when inventory, which remains to be affordable for a every day pushed automobile. 

With manufacturing facility internals, you possibly can obtain a most of 300 horsepower from a 13B or 20B engine. The 12A and 12B engines can deal with a most of 250 horsepower.

Pushing 1200 horsepower from a Rotary engine is simply as straightforward as in an RB or 2JZ engine however you’ll require different intensive modifications to deal with such figures. The Mazda Cosmo might need low aftermarket help. Nonetheless, Rotary engines do as they’re a few of the most cherished engines amongst tuners. 


Manual-Swapped Three-Rotor Eunos Cosmo for Sale on eBay Motors

It’s simpler to acknowledge a Mazda RX-7 than a Mazda Cosmo. If you pull as much as a automobile meet 90% of the followers flashing cameras in your home windows or below your engine bay are solely there as a result of they hear a rotary engine below the hood. 

Mazda determined to let the world get pleasure from a automobile that was by no means meant for mass manufacturing, not like Toyota, which made solely 337 models of the 2000GT. Of all Mazda Cosmo models produced, 1176 belong to the primary era; collection 1 (343) and collection 2 (833). The primary-gen Cosmo wouldn’t pull a crowd at a JDM automobile meet. However when you take it to a basic automobile present, photographers can be drooling throughout to take an image. 

Extremely Collectible

The Sequence I (L10A) and II (L10B) Mazda Cosmo are a few of the extremely collectible JDM automobiles. Each automobiles have been produced within the first era, however the Sequence 1 has a unique engine from the Sequence II and is rarer. Additionally, Mazda registered two models within the 84-hour Marathon de la Route held at Germany’s legendary Nürburgring monitor. 

Mazda Cosmo

A primary-gen Mazda Cosmo is price over $100,000, and its worth will increase over time. In case you are ready for an indication to purchase one, that is it. However if you wish to promote yours, maintain on to it somewhat longer. Possibly its worth may double or triple within the coming years. 

Enjoyable To Drive

Driving a Mazda Cosmo or another automobile with a rotary engine is an expertise each JDM lover ought to expertise. When inventory, there’s not a lot you possibly can get pleasure from besides ready to hit the rev restrict. However once you begin chasing mods akin to putting in an aftermarket exhaust or consumption, you’ll begin appreciating the Mazda Cosmo extra. You’ll overlook concerning the fuel mileage and ship the automobile identical to Johnny Hubert drove the Mazda 787B at Le Mans. 

GT coupes aren’t meant to be drifted, however there’s nothing that ought to cease you from turning a Mazda Cosmo right into a drift automobile. If a Mazda Miata can do it, a Mazda Cosmo can do it higher. Some mannequin years include an LSD; the one factor remaining could be engine tuning, roll cage, and you may’t overlook drift livery. 


Poor Paint High quality

Paint cracks and chippings are strange on older automobiles, and the Mazda Cosmo is not any exception. Since you possibly can’t keep away from such, the perfect answer is to repaint the entire automobile or simply the worst affected components. Repainting helps keep away from rust which eats deep into the physique panels. It’s also advisable to peel off some paint surrounding the affected space to verify the extent of the injury. 

Excessive Oil and Gas Consumption

When you ask any JDM fanatic why they’ll purchase another automobile other than a Mazda with a rotary engine, they’ll inform you these automobiles chug oil and gasoline greater than a discipline tractor. Which is true, however not as a lot as a farm tractor. Rotary engines require extra upkeep than your common piston engine. 

Rebuilding the engine is the very first thing that involves thoughts after shopping for a automobile with a Rotary engine. However does it work? Properly, it is going to enhance gasoline and oil consumption in comparison with earlier than the engine was rebuilt. The engine hasn’t been labored on within the final 40 years, give or take. 

So, what causes rotary engines to devour extra gasoline and oil than common? The combustion chamber design is the largest letdown because it has low thermal effectivity. Which means not all gasoline and air get combusted, resulting in the unburnt gasoline leaking into the exhaust manifold and out of the exhaust, inflicting backfires. When you get pleasure from backfires or are a crowd pleaser at a automobile meet, you’ll empty your fuel tank very quickly. 

The apex seals on rotary engines must be continually lubricated; thus, oil is straight injected into the combustion chamber. When you discover oil consumption greater than regular in your Mazda Cosmo, you have to substitute the apex seals. The older they’re, the extra oil the engine consumes. When you discover a gasoline scent after an oil change, there’s nothing to fret about, as that is widespread in rotary engines.

Frequent Points

Mazda Cosmo

Engine Carbon Deposits

When you resolve to purchase a Mazda Cosmo, try to be ready for carbon buildup on a 13B, 20B, or another rotary engine. Nevertheless, this subject is extra widespread within the 13B engine than in another rotary engine. Engine oil is injected into the combustion chamber to lubricate the apex seals. 

The oil within the combustion chamber carbonizes because of the extra warmth after gasoline and air are combusted. Additionally, rotary engines have a low thermal level, resulting in unburnt gasoline within the combustion chamber. The combination between the unburnt gasoline and scorching oil additionally results in carbon deposits. 

Exhaust gases on piston engines can eradicate a few of the carbon deposits. That is inconceivable in rotary engines as a result of the combustion chamber design and the carbon deposits will construct up on the rotor faces, aspect seals, spark plugs, and even the O-rings. 

Rebuilding the engine each on occasion is advisable to forestall extreme carbon buildup. You can even use artificial oil or use a carbon cleaner when altering the oil. 

Worn-out Apex Seals

In addition to the excessive gasoline and oil consumption of Mazda Cosmo, RX-7 and RX-8 house owners will complain about how typically they’ve to alter the apex seals. Some will even inform you they’ve a pair mendacity round within the automobile or their garages because you don’t know when the apex seals will blow. 

The apex seals are situated within the combustion chamber and thus are continually subjected to excessive temperatures, degrading their usability. In addition they want fixed lubrication, so if the engine oil stage is low, they put on out faster than anticipated. 

Lack of energy, misfires, and engine stalling are some early indicators of apex seal failure. Altering all apex seals is advisable, so that you get a altering rotational schedule for all as a substitute of only one apex seal. 

To extend the lifespan of the apex seals, be sure that the engine oil is at all times on the required capability. Additionally, stronger aftermarket apex seals with higher retainer springs assist keep compression within the combustion chamber. 

Catalytic Converter Failure

A part of the rationale why you’ll discover a Mazda RX-7 or RX-8 get pulled over is that it didn’t go an emission check. When you resolve to get a Mazda Cosmo quickly, that can be you. Rotary engines have two catalytic converters much like the pre-catalytic converter and major catalytic converter setup present in Nissan VH and VQ engines. 

One is situated inside the downpipe, and the opposite is discovered simply after the primary exhaust hanger below the widened a part of the windshield. Catalytic converter failure happens on all rotary engines, however it’s extra widespread within the 13B with the twin-turbo setup. 

Extra warmth from the turbochargers breaks up the primary catalytic converter, which clogs the second. Consequently, the unfiltered air circles again into the engine, inflicting it to supply extra emissions. Each catalytic converters will be eliminated. Then substitute the second with a greater aftermarket one. A single catalytic converter isn’t unlawful if the automobile passes an emissions check. 

Cracked Turbo Manifold (Change from twin turbo to single turbo)

One of many largest disadvantages of previous turbocharged engines is a cracked turbo manifold. This principally happens in automobiles with motorsport historical past, and the Mazda Cosmo won’t look like a lot, however you need to watch out when shopping for one. 

The turbo manifold on the 13B engine is subjected to fixed temperature fluctuations. These fluctuations trigger the metallic engine manifold to warp and crack over time. You may have the ability to dwell with a cracked turbo manifold, however if you’re planning on growing the engine’s energy output, it wants changing. 


Rust is likely one of the major issues to look out for when shopping for a automobile as previous as a Mazda Cosmo. Floor rust isn’t dangerous however solely to a sure diploma. Frequent rust spots in a Mazda Cosmo embody beneath the trunk and flooring padding. 

Common Costs

Mazda Eunos Cosmo HB / 929 HB Coupé

The Mazda Cosmo has an identical value to the RX-7, relying on the mannequin yr. Costs begin at $25,000 for the Sequence JC (1990-1996). Trims with the 20B engine value somewhat bit extra at roughly $30,000. Older mannequin years are cheaper since you possibly can choose one up for lower than 20,000 with a 13B, 12A, or 12B engine. 

You’ll need to dig deeper into your pockets if you wish to purchase a Sequence 1 or II Mazda Cosmo. The least you possibly can pay for one in good situation is $100,000, whereas fixer-upper models will value you twice the value of a JC Mazda Cosmo. 

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Comparable Alternate options

Fashions and Specs

1967-1972 Mazda Cosmo (L10A & L10B)

Mazda Cosmo Sport

In 1964 Mazda determined to make a Halo automobile which they might reveal on the 1964 Tokyo Motor present. They adopted the Wankel engine from Felix Wankel, who had designed it earlier in 1929. When the primary two engines have been developed, the large-scale manufacturing of the engine didn’t occur till 1951 when NSU Motorwerke (NSU motor works), a German automobile producer. 

Mazda and NSU collaborated to carry the primary rotary engine-powered automobiles to the automotive business. When NSU made the NSU Spider in 1964, Mazda put in their prototype rotary engine within the Mazda Cosmo. Each automobiles have been revealed on the 1964 Motor present. 

In 1965 Mazda constructed 80 models of the Mazda Cosmo, 20 for his or her check division and 60 for dealership testing. Manufacturing of buyer models started in 1967 with the Sequence 1 with the 0810 engine, whereas the Sequence II was produced in 1968 with the 0813 engine. 

The 0810 engine made 110 horsepower whereas the 0813 made 130 horsepower. One other distinction between the 2 is that Sequence 1 has a 4-speed handbook transmission whereas Sequence 2-has a 5-speed handbook transmission. The collection 2 can also be 150mm longer than the Sequence one with a 2,350mm-long wheelbase. 

Mazda additionally constructed two racing models for the 1964 84-hour Marathon de la Route. Their major goal was to not win however to check their rotary engines’ sturdiness and reliability. The Japanese group didn’t win, however one Cosmo pushed by the Belgian group clinched the third runner-up. 

The Mazda Cosmo offered effectively in Japan as prospects acquired extra highly effective automobiles than these powered by piston engines which have been heavier and confronted greater highway taxes. The race automobiles impressed the Sequence II Cosmo, as Mazda made it higher from the information based mostly on the race outcomes. No different Cosmo race automobiles have been constructed as manufacturing was centered on buyer manufacturing models. 

1975-1981 Mazda Cosmo (CD)

Mazda Cosmo

The second-gen Mazda Cosmo, Sequence CD, was unveiled in 1975. However because the 12A engine was new, it was first offered with two 4-cylinder engines, a 1.8-liter and a 2.0-liter engine. Mazda Couldn’t use the 13A engine because it was made for front-wheel-drive automobiles solely, and the Cosmo is rear-wheel-drive. 

In contrast to the first-gen Cosmo, which was solely offered with a handbook transmission, Mazda launched a 3-speed and 4-speed computerized transmission. However most models have been offered with both a 4-speed or 5-speed handbook transmission. 

Later that yr, the 12A engine was launched within the Mazda Cosmo. Export variants nonetheless used the 4-cylinder engines, however low gross sales made Mazda halt the exportation of the Cosmo. In Japan, the Mazda Cosmo was cherished. Mazda made a luxurious coupe with opera home windows and a vinyl roof to compete in opposition to the Toyota Crown, Nissan Cedric, and Nissan Gloria Coupes. 

Few models have been made with the 13B engine because it was used extra within the Mazda RX-7, being sportier than the Mazda Cosmo. Nevertheless, the 13B engine used within the Cosmo is extra highly effective than the one used within the 1978 RX7. 

1981-1987 Mazda Cosmo (HB)

Mazda 929 Cosmo Coupe HB

Mazda launched a brand new 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine, two new rotary engines, and a turbocharged 12A and 13B RESI (Rotary Engine Tremendous Injection). The 13B RESI makes use of an upgraded consumption manifold with a supercharger-like impact. Mazda additionally upgraded the gasoline injection system to a Bosch L-Jetronic gasoline injection, growing horsepower to 135 from 120 in the usual 13B engine.

Just like the Sequence CD, you additionally get a 4/5-speed handbook or 3/4-speed computerized transmission. The Sequence HB was additionally made with a rear-wheel drive platform, and a brand new sedan mannequin was launched. 

The twin round headlights have been changed with twin rectangular pop-up headlights, which have been widespread in automobiles produced within the late Nineteen Seventies and early Nineteen Eighties. Nevertheless, they have been solely used on coupes, and sedans include mono-piece rectangular headlights. 

Fashions with the turbocharged 12A engine have been badged because the Mazda Cosmo Rotary turbo. The Mazda Cosmo Rotary Turbo coupe was the quickest automobile in Japan however was kicked out by the Nissan Skyline R30 RS. The Cosmo Rotary Turbo sedan is likely one of the greatest sleeper automobiles you should buy on a finances. 

1990-1996 Mazda Cosmo (JC)

1990 Eunos Cosmo 3 rotor (20B)

The last-gen Cosmo, Sequence JC, was produced by Eunos, amongst Mazda’s subsidiary models, however was shut down in 1996. After Eunos merged with Efini, a Mazda luxurious unit, they turned the Cosmo into the most effective JDM sports activities coupes rivaling the Toyota Soarer. 

You get the JC Cosmo with the one 3 rotor engine fitted right into a manufacturing automobile, the 20B-REW. You can even get one with the twin-turbocharged 13B-RE. Nevertheless, each engines have been restricted to 280 horsepower and 180km because of the Gents’s settlement of 1988. Nevertheless, fewer models have been made with the 20B-REW since solely 3550 models have been made out of the 8875 models. 

Suppose you need to purchase a Mazda Cosmo. In that case, the final era is the perfect you should buy, whatever the unavailability of a handbook transmission. You get it with options solely out there in JDM VIP sedans such because the Mazda Sentia or Toyota Century. Such options embody a satellite tv for pc navigation system, a sign TV, and a touchscreen infotainment system that was cutting-edge know-how within the Nineties. The Mazda Cosmo was discontinued in 1996 when Eunos and Efini have been shut down. 


Is the Mazda Cosmo dependable?

If reliability interprets to glorious gasoline consumption, then we will’t say that the Mazda Cosmo is dependable. Nevertheless, with inventory parts, a Mazda Cosmo will final round 20,000 miles with common upkeep earlier than you have to substitute main mechanical components.

How a lot is a Mazda Cosmo?

Costs for the Mazda Cosmo begin at round $25,000 if you’d like one with a 13B or 20B engine. Relying on the mannequin yr, trims with different engines go for about $20,000.

Is the Mazda Cosmo authorized within the US?

Sure, all Mazda Cosmo mannequin years are authorized for import to the US.

Does the Mazda Cosmo have a rotary engine?

The Mazda Cosmo was the primary Mazda to characteristic a rotary engine. Nevertheless, you may also get one with a 4-cylinder piston engine. 

Which engine is in a Mazda Cosmo?

You get the Mazda Cosmo with numerous rotary engines such because the 12A, 13B, and 20B engines. In case you are shopping for one which was made between 1975 to 1987, there’s a likelihood that it has a 4-cylinder piston engine.

How you can Import a Mazda Cosmo

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