262 Poncam Single Turbo RB26 R32 GTR Tomei Exhaust Idle; greatest sounding Skyline R32 GTR in my very own biased opinion haha

My IG: @the_R32_GTR and @jesse_iwuji
Present mods on my ’91 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR:

-N1 block
-CP pistons & Manley i-beam rods
-CP 9310 Wrist Pins
-ATI Tremendous Damper Harmonic Balancer
-Nitto oil pump
-Nitto crank collar
-Greddy Oil Pan improve equipment
-new twin springs/valves/retainers
-ARP principal studs
-ACL principal & rod bearings
-Apexi head gaskets
-PRP Engine Brace
-Borg Warner EFR 8374 Single Turbo equipment
-Tomei 262 PonCams
-Hello octane racing cam cowl baffle
-PAR 1st-4th straight reduce syncro mesh gearset
-Tomei Adjustable Cam Gears
-Haltech Platinum Professional ECU
-Walbro 525LPH gas pump
-Radium gas strain regulator
-Tomei Gasoline Rail
-E85 sensor
-Gasoline: E85
-Plazmaman Intercooler
-Koyo Radiator
-Oil cooler
-R35 Coils
-Customized downpipe
-Cat delete
-3” straight HKS Exhaust
-Flex Gasoline Sensor
-AEM CD7 Display

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