Does anybody understand how a lot does a mean s15 Silvia price particularly a rhd one? I’ve not too long ago begin stepping into and liking Silvia’s much more now and sadly I dwell within the states so they’re unlawful right here however I’m nonetheless curious on how a lot they price as a result of I actually need one.


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  • The earliest S15s will become legal in the US in 2024, so the prices are already rising.

    A rusty, repaired Spec-R will probably cost you £20k/$23k to begin with, rising to well over $30k for a cleaner example. If it’s got OEM aero (3 leg spoiler, skirts, front bumper) then slap another $5k on it minimum.

    Check goo-net-exchange.com, that will show you the cars available at dealers (better quality photos than auction houses).

  • some people still import a S15, just a shell and wait for it to be legal, or move to florida where police don’t give a fuck xD

  • Someone needs to make a stickied thread or post talking about prices for the most popular JDM cars because we get this question so much

  • I paid 17k for my S15 in 2018, it’s now insured for 40k 😂 prices are $35k-$50k for S15’s atm in Aus. I was lucky to get mine when I did 😅

  • When I did my searching for an s chassis fairly recently I did look into the s15 they were priced anywhere from 15- 40k us. Lots hovered around that 27k mark. However you will also need to store it until it turns 25. Your picture is from garage defend he’s an exporter and specializes in selling jdm cars to Americans. From my research he picks good clean desirable cars to resale to foreigners but he’s pricey. He will also buy a car on your behalf or help you find what you are looking for. This car is currently on his site for 31,800 it’s a 2001 spec R which goes for more than a spec s but it’s gonna be 2026 until it can get on the boat to the USA if that’s where you are.

  • The S15 prices went up a few years ago even in Japan.
    When legal in the US you van expect a big bump again.

    Last time I checked Yahoo Japan for a spec S to reshell my POS there was nothing decent under 10k.
    The spec R were at 20k+

  • There’s one in the UK for sale and it’s a Spec R with 90,000 miles on the clock for £30k ($35k)

  • Tbh just buy a rolling body they’re usually cheaper after you’ve dropped the engine in and everything you can find a decent rolling body spec s for 15k nzd and a sr20det and loom for around 5k nzd plus some extra costs it come to around 25k nzd for pretty much a spec r which sells for a average of 50k nzd

  • All I can suggest is that you find a reputable place (such as Garage Defend that you have shown in your pic) in Japan that can source you one while it’s still “cheap”, and then have them store it until it’s legal, because once these become 25 years old, the prices are going to go stupid.

  • In Australia they’re plentiful and were sold as new even with an Australian spec along side thr JDM from $15-60k

  • Over here it’s over 15K just in tax to import it from another country, let alone the price of the car itself 🥲

  • I lived in Japan for a couple of years. Zero clue on the actual performance. Best looking car they ever produced.

    (Of course a couple Honda’s would argue. But, this still looks better than an NSX.)

  • youd be better off getting an s14 and just swapping the metal from a front clip. the s15 is legendary, along with its oem motor, the sr20det. even if you could get your hands on an s15, the sr20 is so well known and no longer factory supported, its going to be an uphill fight for parts. nissan is only going to keep about 10 years of parts, and this is a popular drift missile we are talking about here. if you got cash to splash, go bonkers. but if youve gotta be more strategic with your funds, id just go with a 350z and call it a day. i know sticklers will point out the weight difference and the power band differences between a VQ and a SR, but people who work for a living will tell you that youre import tuning days will go a lot further with a car with easy to source parts and a popular platform. rwd, torquey v6, plentiful 6mt models, and you can even add “fairlady z” decals for those jdm feels.

  • Man I wish I could get a silvia. I gotta roll around in a blue jdm sw20 instead, those are sacrifices made on a fixed income for this hobby.

  • In Australia the fuckers are worth $60K!! And this is used all with at least 100,000km on the clock

  • My sister paid $14k 4 years back and is now getting offers of $60k to 70k. I know they’re only offers but it’s a huge leap regardless.

  • Around 35k, as we get closer to that import year I expect them to go up, especially when demand starts getting high

  • I have a friend in Japan that shops auctions, recently type S auto went for 17k, I’m trying to work with him on importing cars. His son has a car business over there.

  • all s15’s are RHD. honestly the s15 is sick but it’s not worth what they want. i would just get a s13 or 14. those are still crazy money but not nearly as much as a 15. the best part about a jdm s chassis is you get the sr20 engine vs a non turbo 2.4 4 cylinder

  • I’m not really that deep in the market and stuff but based on what I’ve seen a good deal for an average s15 is from 20k- 35k dollars