I’m making an attempt to get into the JDM scene and certainly one of these (not the one pictured) got here up on the market close to me. I did some analysis on it’s Japanese counterpart (the Altezza) and a bit of of its historical past and designer and it looks like it may very well be. It’s clearly not a preferred one, however it’s nonetheless a JDM? I imply, it’s in Preliminary D.


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  • In popular culture yes it is JDM. By actual terms of what Japanese Domestic Market means, then no.

  • I don’t think they sold it in Japan so probably not JDM. The car was made in Japan but the JDM version was the Toyota Altezza

  • Ppl consider 240sx that came with ka24 to be a jdm car. Is300 is just an altezza with 2jz. Should be considered jdm imo. If ppl are so pressed about the technicality of jdm… As in cars sold for japanese market… most of “jdm”cars in the US will be considered usdm. Of course, rhd imported jdm cars are jdm through and through.

  • Whilst I’m a campaigner for JDM being understood correctly, people giving you heat for this question don’t meet the vibe test.

    No an IS300 isn’t JDM. But if you like it then who cares? Nobody really run JDM only car meets. They’re Japanese car meets. JDM is also seen as a style inspired by local Japanese car modding culture and style.

  • IS300. It’s a good driver’s car is the popular opinion.

    I got to drive the Euro spec IS200 long time ago. in-line 2.0 6 cylinder in A/T trim.

    Lacks power. Decent suspension, harsh factory tires.

    Altezza with the 4cyl 200hp engine would be the true blooded JDM machine. But those are RHD only, and won’t be importable into the US until 2025 for the 1999 year models.

    An IS300 would be awesome if you find a clean one in M/T.

  • In Japan it’s the Toyota Altezza so technically no. Lexus is really meant for the US market, hence why you see them everywhere more so than Japan.

    So really if you see a Lexus IS ES or anything its not JDM.

  • Altezza had yamaha beams engine, absolute rev happy lunatic engine, lexus had… a disappointment under the hood

  • JDM is the Japanese Domestic Market. JDM cars are cars meant to be sold in Japan. They are built to meet Japanese regulations and cater to the Japanese market. Toyota did not sell the Lexus IS300 in Japan until after 2006. Until then, Lexus was specifically *not* for the JDM.

    JDM (or any other __DM) is where cars were sold, cars themselves are not “JDMs”.

  • Japanese domestic market.

    United States domestic market.

    Which market did you buy the car from?

    It’s usdm man.

  • Toyota Altezza is JDM, anything Lexus is not….that being said, this sub doesn’t really care, so post away!

  • Not truly jdm compared to its Toyota altezza counterpart . Entirely different car because of the blacktop 3sge and other bits that came with it as the RS200