JDM automotive producers are praised for making the perfect drift automobiles since most are rear-wheel-drive. All the identical, additionally they made a few of the most interesting all-wheel-drive automobiles, with Nissan, Subaru, and Mitsubishi making extra AWD automobiles than different producers. AWD automobiles have one vital benefit over the remainder. They deal with higher attributable to a greater weight distribution between the entrance and rear axles. But, AWD methods add additional weight; thus, gas financial system and tire put on are affected although the distinction is dismissible.

With a scarcity looming and costs growing, skipping the prospect of shopping for a JDM automotive due to its platform isn’t an choice. Nonetheless, the automotive’s drivetrain issues at occasions. For instance, a Subaru Forester can be excellent for somebody dwelling in areas with fixed winter climate situations. Or somebody who desires a strong winter beater storage addition.


Are AWD JDM automobiles costly? Probably not, because it will depend on the make, mannequin, and spec. Living proof, you should purchase a Mitsubishi GTO VR-4 for over $100,000 cheaper than a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R, which will probably be authorized for importation in 2025. Different components are concerned in pricing JDM automobiles, and the drivetrain is among the many minor ones. Are you in search of an AWD JDM automotive? We’ve compiled an inventory of a few of the finest AWD JDM automobiles from at the least each Japanese producer.

Nissan Skyline GT-R

Nissan Skyline GT-R

When Nissan resurrected the GT-R badged with the R32 Skyline GT-R in 1989, they gave it an AWD platform. They initially supposed to make use of a rear-wheel-drive platform from the Skyline R32 race automotive powered by a 2.4-liter engine stroked from an RB20. However early take a look at autos carried out higher with an AWD platform powered by a 2.6-liter twin-turbocharged engine.

The Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R wasn’t the primary Nissan to characteristic Nissan’s ATTESA all-wheel-drive system. Some even mistake it for the primary JDM all-wheel-drive automotive. The ATTESA AWD system was lifted from the Bluebird SSS-R and utilized in different AWD Nissans, such because the Pulsar GTI-R. The one distinction is that Nissan made it higher within the R32 GT-R by introducing Digital Torque Cut up, ET-S.

By introducing the all-wheel-drive system, Nissan made the R32 GT-R heavier however couldn’t enhance energy output because of the 1988 Gents’s settlement. The identical case applies to the R33 GT-R and R34 GT-R. They tried to maintain weight distribution as equal as attainable however couldn’t, as most GT-Rs have a 60:40 front-to-rear weight distribution. The R33 GT-R is heavier than the R32 GT-R however has a barely higher weight distribution at 55:45.

If a GT-R spec Skyline is just too dear, you’ll be completely satisfied to know that it’s attainable to spend much less, however you’ll nonetheless get an all-wheel-drive Skyline. You will get an R32 Skyline GTS-4 which is solely a GT-R however with an RB20DET engine, and it additionally has Nissan’s rear-wheel-steering system, Tremendous HICAS. The R33 GTS-4, R34 25 GT-FOUR, and R34 GT-X FOUR have naturally aspirated 2.5-liter engines and don’t have rear-wheel-steering.

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Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester isn’t the automotive you’d anticipate to be listed under the Nissan Skyline, however it’s one of the underrated all-wheel-drive JDM automobiles. Subaru started creating its Symmetrical AWD system within the mid-60s. It wasn’t till 1972 that it was utilized in manufacturing automobiles, with the Subaru Leone being the primary AWD Subaru. The S-AWD system was examined and used on varied autos, such because the Subaru Legacy and Brumby earlier than Subaru launched the Subaru Forester in 1997.

When it was launched, the Subaru Forester bought nicely, even higher than the Subaru Legacy, particularly in america. So, what makes Subaru’s S-AWD system stand out amongst others? For starters, it’s uncomplicated however well-built, primarily involving a driveshaft working to the rear wheels. This ensures a continuing energy provide to the rear wheels as a substitute of when solely there’s a lack of traction.

All Subaru Forester trim ranges are all-wheel-drive, thus minimizing the necessity to prioritize which one to get. Nonetheless, you’ll get pleasure from turbocharged variants extra attributable to that additional grunt, and turbocharged boxer engines sound so good to withstand that deep rumble.

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Mitsubishi GTO VR4

Mitsubishi GTO VR4

Among the many finest JDM automobiles produced within the Nineties is the Mitsubishi GTO VR-4, often known as the Mitsubishi 3000GT in america. It was produced when Mitsubishi was in its prime years earlier than flopping within the early 2000s. In the present day the Mitsubishi GTO VR-4 stays a real definition of how far forward Japanese engineering was within the Nineties.

The Mitsubishi GTO VR-4 was so good that it beat the Nissan R32 GT-R in a mile velocity take a look at regardless of being over 450 kilos heavier. Mitsubishi’s trick to beating Nissan at their sport was putting in a full-time AWD system, in contrast to Nissan’s ATTESA, which sends 80% of the ability to the rear wheels at excessive speeds. In addition they went in opposition to the gents’s settlement and pushed the three.0-liter twin-turbo V6 to over 290 horsepower and regularly elevated energy output all through the GTO’s manufacturing years.

Why is the Mitsubishi GTO VR-4 thought-about probably the most technologically superior JDM automotive, you could ask? CD changers and air suspensions had been already widespread in VIP sedans, however a automotive with energetic aero, an energetic suspension, and exhaust within the Nineties deserves recognition. If that wasn’t sufficient, Mitsubishi additionally launched rear-wheel-steering within the GTO VR-4 to counter its lengthy wheelbase and uneven 58:42 weight distribution.

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Nissan Pulsar GTI-R

Nissan Pulsar GTI-R

Whoever nicknamed quick hatchbacks “pocket rockets” undoubtedly had the Nissan Pulsar GTI-R in thoughts. It’s quick, thrilling to drive, and sure, it’s all-wheel-drive. However what impressed Nissan to make an all-wheel-drive sizzling hatch, particularly contemplating that almost all sizzling hatches are front-wheel-drive? Unknown to many, the Nissan Pulsar is likely one of the few automobiles Nissan entered within the WRC. As a result of Group A rules, they needed to make a homologation automotive however exceeded the required minimal of 500 items.

Nissan Produced 15,384 Pulsar GTI-R items between 1990 and 1994, 771 of which had been bought because the Sunny GTI-R for the European market. NISMO additionally had its hand with the Pulsar GTI-R. They upgraded the suspension and changed the viscous LSD with a mechanical LSD. Solely 21 had been constructed for advertising and marketing functions, as NISMO supposed to promote and set up elements used via Autech.

The Pulsar GTI-R makes use of the identical ATTESA all-wheel-drive system because the Nissan Skyline GT-R, solely that the GT-R has a helical LSD and Digital Torque Cut up. Viscous differentials, together with the one used within the Pulsar, must be warmed up earlier than they’ll lock, which is the one vital drawback. Moreover that, you may have tons of enjoyable in a Pulsar GTI-R blasting down farm roads and windy mountains because of the two.0-liter SR20DET. However would you purchase a Pulsar GTI-R over a Silvia S14 or S15?

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Toyota Celica GT-4

Toyota Celica GT-4

In 1988 Toyota discontinued the Celica TwinCam Turbo for Group B WRC racing which was to get replaced by the fourth-gen Celica GT-4. This meant that they needed to make extra homologation items because the Celica might solely be entered into Group A, which required at the least 500 road-going automobiles, in contrast to Group B, which required 200 items.

When Toyota first launched the All Trac AWD system in 1986, it featured a locking middle differential built-in into the entrance differential, the primary in passenger automobiles. The middle diff ensures energy is distributed equally to all 4 wheels, which is why the Toyota Celica GT-4 dominated within the WRC, even snatching victories from Audi, Lancia, and Ford. Nonetheless, not all Celica generations had an AWD variant. The GT-4 was solely made through the manufacturing of the fourth-gen (ST165), fifth-gen (ST185), and sixth-gen (ST205) Celica, all with the two.0-liter 3S-GTE engine.

In the present day, the Toyota Celica is among the many least expensive JDM sports activities automobiles since most fans would purchase a Toyota Supra or any JZ-powered sedan as a substitute. This is a bonus if you happen to’re seeking to buy one, as costs stagnate at roughly $10,000 attributable to low demand. Is the Celica GT-4 fast? No, however it’s quick sufficient, because of its paperweight chassis and handles like a dream.

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Honda CR-V RD1

Honda CR-V RD1

The primary-gen Honda CR-V may not be as quick or enjoyable to drive as a Subaru Forester, however it’s one of the dependable and sturdy previous JDM crossovers. Anybody shopping for one desires a day by day pushed automotive or to scrap elements from it since most Honda elements are interchangeable. Solely the actual ones know that it’s among the many only a few Hondas manufactured with an all-wheel-drive platform. Nonetheless, the Honda CR-V doesn’t use Honda’s SH-AWD. It has a dual-pump all-wheel-drive system which is extra like a four-wheel-drive system.

The twin pump system includes a switch case, propeller shaft, a rear differential, and a hydraulic pump for every axle. In regular driving situations, solely the entrance wheels propel the automotive because the hydraulic fluid circulates between the 2 pumps. When there’s a lack of traction, the entrance pump rotates extra, growing hydraulic fluid strain, which opens a valve physique, activating a multi-plate clutch. Then the multi-plate clutch connects the propeller shaft to the rear differential, thus sending traction to the rear wheels.

As a result of fewer parts, the Honda CR-V weighs lower than crossovers with a standard all-wheel-drive system, and its AWD system is much less vulnerable to put on and tear. Honda specialists advocate altering the hydraulic fluid roughly each 70,000 miles. Mess around with the two.0-liter B20 engine, and also you’ll have an excellent enjoyable mall crawler in your storage. The one draw back is that it’s non-VTEC.

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Toyota Camry V20 All-Trac

There’s all kinds of Toyota sleeper sedans to select from, however only a few know of the Toyota Camry All Trac, which has the identical All Trac AWD system because the Toyota Celica. Initially, Toyota manufactured and bought the Camry because the Celica Camry till 1982, when the Camry was not produced as a four-door model of the Celica. Toyota started manufacturing the Camry within the US in 1988, the primary time they used their AWD system on the Camry and its Lexus counterpart Lexus ES250, for the Japanese and US markets.

It isn’t a rally-bred automotive, however the Toyota Camry All-Trac could be tons of enjoyable with aftermarket mods and underneath the arms of a very good tuner. The two.5-liter V6 can solely be pushed to 300 horsepower most, which is greater than sufficient to point out the newer Camrys who’s boss. But when that isn’t sufficient, there are tons of engine choices to think about, together with JZ-series engines.

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Suzuki Alto Works

Suzuki Alto Works

You’d by no means discover a Kei automotive battling it out with larger JDM sports activities automobiles and sedans however not the Suzuki Alto Works. It comes with a full-time viscous coupling AWD system, in contrast to most Kei automobiles that are both front-wheel-drive or rear-wheel-drive. The viscous AWD system is uncomplicated because it’s totally mechanical, with the one main parts being the middle differential splitting energy equally between the entrance and rear axle. The one draw back is that the rear axle doesn’t get a lot torque at decrease speeds. However with a automotive as enjoyable to drive because the Suzuki Alto Works, it’s a non-issue.

Energy comes from a turbocharged 550cc or 660cc engine, making 50-70 horsepower relying on the 12 months of manufacture. Swapping the engine is viable if you happen to take into account the engine underpowered. Nonetheless, it interferes with that turbocharged Kei automotive spice that everybody loves, on condition that Kei automobiles had been by no means bought in the usa. But when that’s what you need, to every their very own.

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Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy

The Subaru Legacy is remembered for its success within the WRC, particularly when Subaru received its first Group A WRC championship with famend rallying legend Colin McCrae on the wheel. Whereas Subaru initially made the first-gen Legacy with a front-wheel-drive platform, consumers might go for a full-time symmetrical all-wheel-drive. All variants with turbocharged engines, such because the RS sedan and GT wagon, had been bought with AWD as a normal characteristic, and most obtained a 5-speed handbook transmission.

With each technology, Subaru made the Legacy higher. AWD grew to become normal throughout all specs, growing gross sales in Japan and america, which had been the primary markets. However in contrast to the older generations, each technology produced after the fourth technology doesn’t carry that Subaru rallying DNA and deep rumbling boxer engine that all of us love, no matter how problematic they are often.

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Mazda Mazdaspeed 6

Mazda Mazdaspeed 6

Within the early 2000s, Mazda was manufacturing the RX-7, which took all the eye away because it was the RX-7’s substitute. Fans anticipated a lot from it that they didn’t discover the Mazda Mazdaspeed 6, which debuted 4 years after Mazda launched the Mazda 6 in 2002. Throughout this time, everybody rushed to purchase a sports activities coupe since most producers had been shying away from making them attributable to a collapsing market.

The Mazdaspeed 6, often known as the Mazdaspeed Atenza in Japan, has Mazda’s front-wheel-biased Energetic Torque Cut up AWD system with an LSD lifted from the RX-8. On the time of manufacturing, it was among the many most superior AWD system fitted to any JDM automotive, because it has three driving modes. One is snow mode, which splits energy equally between the entrance and rear axles, performing as a full-time AWD system. The opposite two are optimized for regular and sport-driving situations, and energy is break up when there’s a lack of traction on both axle.

Mazda made it attainable for consumers to go for AWD when shopping for any entry-level Mazda 6, however they couldn’t get the direct-injection 2.3-liter turbocharged engine mated to a 6-speed handbook transmission. For a four-cylinder engine, it packs fairly a punch because it made near 300 horsepower throughout manufacturing time.

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