I’ve been that means to get my arms on one for fairly a while, however I’ve heard that they will have reliability points. After all, any 20 yr outdated automotive isn’t going to be as dependable as fashionable vehicles, however I used to be curious as as to if or not there are extra dependable choices on the market. Additionally, to what extent are you able to modify them till they begin changing into a lot much less dependable?


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  • All old cars have foibles.

    If you want to mod it, just chassis,ie. Coilovers, bracing, etc, good quality wheels, don’t scrimp on tyres, and as far as engine, do fuel system, intercooler, intake, tune and exhaust.

    If you want to upgrade the turbo, don’t go huge, and the more boost, the less reliable it will be.

  • Get something in decent nick and be prepared to fix issues as you go along and it should be fine, the main problem you’re gonna have is modern garages not knowing what it is and fucking it up.

  • When you buy it, absolutely not, either it will be stock and old and shitty or it’ll be modded by someone who’s likely an idiot and shitty. You can make it reliable if you’re competent, have the wallet for it, and don’t go crazy with mods but don’t expect daily reliability when it shows up at your door.

  • Anything’s reliable if maintained well enough.

    As long as regular maintenance items are kept up with I don’t see an issue. Could get upgraded oil/cooling gear to ensure reliability. Inspect items like balljoints regularly

  • The sr20 is not reliable when tuning, have seen many do engine swaps but i mean they say subaru impreza isn’t reliable but my brother has driven his 25k miles without any issue so as long as you take care of your car it will last

  • It’s your maintenance actually doing it that makes it reliable. If you are taking it over, a refresh of the ignition, full inspection of the brakes new pads, oil & filters change, new battery, tyres. Are things I would do asap.

  • If you’re gonna spend weeks overhauling everything and swapping out all the parts that have already failed or were on their last legs with brand new ones then yes, it will be reliable.

    You can’t just buy a 20 year old car and not expect it to need major repairs now or very soon.

    As for what extent you can mod’em, as long as you don’t touch the engine and just do suspension, bodywork and wheels, then you’ll be fine. Because once you touch the engine you’re gonna take a big bite out of it’s lifespan.

    Nothing is cheap, expect stock parts to take a big chomp at your wallet, then aftermarket parts will gobble up what’s left.

    It won’t be an easy road, but if you stick to it, give it time, love and a lotta money the result should make you happy, and if your car makes you smile when you drive it that’s all that matters.

  • Are you looking for a 240sx or an S14? The reliability between the two will be different and of course the mileage and overall condition.

  • I just got my son a 98 s14 for his first car. Anything can be reliable with the right maintenance and knowledge.. I daily drive an 83 Volvo 240 turbo. Gotta keep the classics on the road