Most likely my favorite EVO VI construct to this point. Twin charged 4G63 which means it has each a supercharger and a turbocharger. This construct particularly is about up so the supercharger engages at very low revs and because it disengages at greater RPMs the very laggy turbo acts sequentially at peak RPM.


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  • The sound it makes is like nothing I’ve ever heard before. How the supercharger disengages right as the turbo hits peak boost. The sound the supercharger makes when it suddenly drops is similar to what a WW2 fighter would make in a dive. Absolutely insane. Theres a video with a couple Pulls in Larry Chen’s instagram. You guys should watch it.. thank me later πŸ™‚

  • Nice build, but I would choose a sequential turbo setup instead, small turbo and then big turbo looks and works better than supercharger and then big turbo

  • Had a twin charge golf with a stage one tune and factory restriction delete and it used to ruin factory v8s with 1400cc it’s a nuts system but it works boost across the rev range. Blew a couple sensors in the end that cost more than a new car but it was fun while
    It lasted