No rear/reverse light on some Evo X, why? I noticed that some Evo X (FQ360, FQ400, FQ440 and John Easton [Brazil Final Edition] fashions) do not have one of many rear/reverse lights. It is for a selected cause? And appears like non-UK fashions have on the left facet and UK on the best facet.


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  • Department of transportation (in the US) would define if you need any of that. To my knowledge backup lights aren’t necessary but I could be mistaken. I only know you need 3 brake lights and indicators, the lens can’t be smoked either.

  • I ended up founding that all Evo X selled in Brazil and UK have that, it’s a fog light instead of reverse light. But the american and canadians Evo X don’t have it. Not sure why.

    Indeed the GT/Non Evo versions have the regular lights with 2 rear

  • Legal requirements for the uk must be one fog light in the middle or right side or it must have both left and right