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R.I.P. Nissan Silvia 😥

The Nissan Silvia, a beloved sports car that had a huge following around the world, has officially been discontinued. The legendary car had been in production since 1964 but was ultimately no match for the changing times and tastes of car enthusiasts.

The Rise and Fall of the Nissan Silvia

The first generation of Silvias or S10s, began production in 1964 and continued until 1968. The lightweight sports car proved to be popular in Japan, but it was not until the third generation, the S13 model launched in 1988, that the Silvia garnered worldwide recognition.

  • 1988-1993: S13 Silvia
  • 1993-1999: S14 Silvia
  • 1999-2002: S15 Silvia

The S15 was the last model to exist, and it was only available in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, officially marking the end of the Silvia era.

Why Was Production Halted?

The primary reason for the end of the Silvia was due to Nissan’s shift in focus to SUVs and crossovers, which have high-profit margins and mass market appeal.

Another issue was that the cost of producing the Silvia was high as it did not share any platform with any other Nissan car. With the sales of Silvia steadily declining and manufacturing cost increasing, it made more financial sense to allocate resources to other projects.

The Legacy of the Nissan Silvia

The Silvia had a massive following in the world of drifting and racing, and its easy customization made it popular among enthusiasts around the globe. Many have fulfilled their dreams of owning a Silvia, and through the support of its massive community of fans, the car has remained relevant to this day.

The Silvia was discontinued but will never be forgotten, and for its diehard fans, it will always continue to be a symbol of the golden age of Japanese sports cars.


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