Daigo Saito’s Tough Battles in Siberia: JZX100 Mark II, Episode 4

Daigo Saito, one of the greatest drifters in the world, just finished an exhilarating episode of his drift racing show, JZX100 Mark II. In episode four, Saito took on the tough battles in Siberia, showcasing his incredible skills on the challenging terrain. If you missed it, you can watch the full episode on YouTube.

Background Information

  • Daigo Saito is a professional drifter and has won numerous championships all over the world.
  • JZX100 Mark II is Saito’s drift racing show, where he takes on challenging courses and competes against top drivers.
  • Episode four takes place in Siberia, a challenging location with difficult weather conditions and treacherous roads.

Challenges Faced by Daigo Saito

  • Weather Conditions: Siberia is known for its harsh weather conditions, which can make it difficult for even the most experienced drivers. Saito battled snow, sleet, and extreme cold temperatures.
  • Terrain: The roads in Siberia can be treacherous, with steep inclines, sharp turns, and uneven surfaces. Saito had to navigate these challenging roads while maintaining control of his vehicle.
  • Competition: Saito went up against some of the best drivers in the region, including local favorites who were familiar with the terrain and weather.

Highlights from the Episode

  • Saito’s Incredible Skills: Despite the challenging conditions, Saito showcased his incredible skills as a drifter throughout the episode. He slid his car around corners with precision, maintaining control even in the snow and ice.
  • The Challenge Course: The challenge course in episode four was particularly difficult, with steep inclines, sharp turns, and a narrow road. Saito tackled the course with finesse, earning applause from the crowd and fellow drivers.
  • The Final Battle: The final battle of the episode was a head-to-head matchup between Saito and a local driver. Saito showcased his superior skills, outdrifting his opponent and earning a well-deserved victory.


Daigo Saito’s tough battles in Siberia were a testament to his incredible skills and experience as a drifter. Despite the challenging weather conditions, difficult terrain, and strong competition, Saito emerged victorious, showcasing his precision and control throughout the entire episode. If you haven’t watched episode four of JZX100 Mark II, you’re missing out on an incredible display of drifting skill and expertise.

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