The Toyota Chaser Tourer-V JZX90: A Car to Remember

When it comes to Japanese performance cars, the Toyota Chaser Tourer-V JZX90 is a model that is hard to forget. With its sleek design, powerful engine, and impressive handling, the Chaser Tourer-V JZX90 is a car that has left its mark on the automotive industry.

The History of the Toyota Chaser

The Toyota Chaser was first introduced in 1977 as a mid-size car. It was designed to be a comfortable family sedan, but it soon became popular among car enthusiasts for its performance capabilities. Over the years, the Chaser underwent several transformations, and in 1992, the third-generation model, the JZX90, was released.

The JZX90 was a significant departure from the previous models. It was designed to be a performance car, with a focus on handling and speed. It came with a variety of engine options, including the 1JZ-GTE, which was a turbocharged inline-six engine that produced up to 280 horsepower. The JZX90 was also available with a manual transmission, which made it even more appealing to driving enthusiasts.

The Toyota Chaser Tourer-V JZX90

The Toyota Chaser Tourer-V JZX90 was a special edition of the JZX90 that was released in 1993. It was designed to be a luxury performance car, with a focus on comfort and style as well as speed and handling. The Tourer-V came with a range of features that set it apart from the standard JZX90, including:

  • Aerodynamic body styling
  • Sporty suspension tuning
  • 17-inch alloy wheels
  • High-performance brakes
  • Custom leather interior
  • Upgraded sound system

All of these features combined to create a car that was both comfortable and exciting to drive. The Tourer-V was designed to be a car that could handle long road trips as well as track days.

The Aoshima 1/24 Model

The Toyota Chaser Tourer-V JZX90 has become a popular subject for model builders, and one of the best models available is the Aoshima 1/24 scale version. The Aoshima model is a highly detailed replica of the Tourer-V, with all of the features and styling of the original car.

The Aoshima model is made from high-quality plastic and comes with a range of accessories, including decals, metal transfers, and chrome-plated parts. It is designed to be easy to assemble, with parts that fit together smoothly and require minimal sanding or trimming.


The Toyota Chaser Tourer-V JZX90 is a car that has earned its place in automotive history. It was a car that was designed to be fast and fun to drive, but also comfortable and luxurious. The Aoshima 1/24 scale model of the Tourer-V is a great way to celebrate this iconic car and to bring its beauty and performance into your home.

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