Reece’s Static Nissan Silvia PS13 // Brandon Lee Visuals | 4K

The Nissan Silvia has been a popular platform for car enthusiasts for quite some time. Its rear-wheel drive setup, nimble handling, and sleek design have made it a favorite among drifters and tuners alike. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Reece’s Static Nissan Silvia PS13, as captured by Brandon Lee Visuals in stunning 4K.

The Car

Reece’s Nissan Silvia PS13 is a unique build, featuring a static suspension setup that gives it an aggressive stance on the road. The car has been customized with a variety of aftermarket parts and modifications, including:

  • Custom widebody kit
  • 18-inch BBS LM wheels
  • Upgraded brakes and rotors
  • Custom-fabricated exhaust
  • Aftermarket coilovers and sway bars
  • Custom front and rear bumpers

One of the most striking features of Reece’s Silvia is its widebody kit, which adds an extra 50mm of width to the car’s already sleek design. This gives it a much more aggressive stance on the road and allows for wider tires to be fitted, giving the car even more grip in corners. The BBS LM wheels add to the car’s aggressive look, and their 18-inch size fills out the car’s arches perfectly.

The Silvia’s upgraded brakes and rotors are another noteworthy modification. With the increase in power that comes with many aftermarket upgrades, it’s important to have reliable and responsive brakes. Reece’s car certainly delivers in this regard, making it a safer and more efficient machine to drive.

The Build

Reece’s Silvia build has been a labor of love, with countless hours spent carefully selecting and fitting each modification to the car.

One standout feature of the build is the custom-fabricated exhaust system. This gives the car a unique engine note that can be heard from blocks away. The exhaust is not only a cosmetic upgrade, but it also helps to improve performance by increasing airflow and reducing backpressure.

The custom suspension setup is another aspect of the build that sets it apart from other Silvias on the road. The car sits lower than stock thanks to the aftermarket coilovers, but what really grabs attention is its static setup. This means that the car’s ride height is fixed, rather than adjustable like most coilover setups. While this may seem less practical than an adjustable suspension, it gives the car a much more aggressive stance and a unique look that’s hard to replicate.

The Video

The video captured by Brandon Lee Visuals showcases Reece’s Nissan Silvia PS13 in stunning detail. Shot in 4K resolution, the footage captures the car’s sleek lines and aggressive modifications in incredible detail.

The video starts with a close-up shot of the car’s widebody kit and BBS LM wheels, giving viewers a chance to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into the build. From there, the camera pans up to reveal the car’s aggressive stance and custom front bumper.

Throughout the video, the camera captures the car from a variety of angles, showing off its unique features and modifications. The exhaust note can be heard in several shots, adding to the overall experience of watching the video.

One of the standout moments in the video is a slow-motion shot of the car drifting around a corner. This shot showcases both the car’s agility and its impressive grip, which comes in part from the wider tires fitted thanks to the widebody kit.


Reece’s Nissan Silvia PS13 is a unique and impressive build. From its custom widebody kit to its static suspension setup, the car is sure to turn heads on the road. Brandon Lee Visuals’ 4K video does an excellent job of showcasing the car’s unique features and modifications, making it a must-watch for fans of the Nissan Silvia and car enthusiasts in general.


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