Toyota JZX90 Drift: Are the Mark 2, Chaser & Cresta Good for Drifting?

Drifting is a thrilling motorsport that requires skill, precision, and the right car. One popular car model that has been used for drifting is the Toyota JZX90. The Toyota JZX90 is a series of mid-size sedans that were produced by Toyota from 1992-1996. The JZX90 series includes the Toyota Mark 2, Toyota Chaser, and Toyota Cresta. These cars are popular among drifters due to their rear-wheel-drive layout, powerful engines, and easy-to-modify design.

Rear-Wheel Drive Layout

The Toyota JZX90 is a rear-wheel-drive car, which means that the power from the engine is sent to the rear wheels. This layout allows for better traction and stability when making tight turns and going around corners. Rear-wheel drive also allows for more power to be transferred to the ground, which is essential for drifting.

The rear-wheel-drive layout of the Toyota JZX90 makes it more predictable and controllable when drifting. It enables the driver to better control the car’s angle and direction during a drift. This is essential when trying to maintain a good line and avoid oversteering.

Powerful Engines

The Toyota JZX90 is equipped with a range of engines, including the 1JZ-GTE, 1JZ-GE, and 2JZ-GE. These engines are known for their reliability and ability to produce high levels of power. The 1JZ-GTE engine is the most popular engine among drifters due to its ability to produce over 300 horsepower with a few modifications.

The powerful engines of the Toyota JZX90 give the car the ability to break traction quickly, which is essential for initiating a drift. It also allows the driver to maintain a high speed throughout the drift, which is essential for maintaining momentum and style.

Easy to Modify Design

The Toyota JZX90 has a simple and easy-to-modify design, which makes it an ideal car for drifting. The car’s chassis is strong and durable, which allows for heavy modifications without compromising the car’s performance. The car’s suspension is also easy to modify, which enables drifters to adjust the car’s handling and stability to match their driving style.

The Toyota JZX90 also has a wide range of aftermarket parts available, which allows drifters to customize their car to suit their individual needs. This includes engine upgrades, suspension upgrades, transmission upgrades, and more.

Toyota Mark 2, Chaser & Cresta for Drifting: Key Features

The Toyota JZX90 series includes three popular models, the Toyota Mark 2, Toyota Chaser, and Toyota Cresta. These models have a few key features that make them ideal for drifting:

  • The Toyota Mark 2 is known for its sleek and stylish design, which gives it a sporty and aggressive look.
  • The Toyota Chaser is known for its smooth and responsive handling, which makes it easy to control during a drift.
  • The Toyota Cresta is known for its comfortable and spacious interior, which makes it a popular choice among drifters who want a car for both everyday driving and drifting.

Another key feature of these models is that they are all available in both manual and automatic transmissions. Manual transmissions are preferred by many drifters, as they offer better control and more customization options. However, automatic transmissions are also suitable for drifting, especially for beginner drifters who may find a manual transmission difficult to handle.


The Toyota JZX90 series is an ideal car for drifting due to its rear-wheel-drive layout, powerful engines, and easy-to-modify design. The Toyota Mark 2, Toyota Chaser, and Toyota Cresta are all popular models among drifters, each with their own unique features and benefits. Whether you are a beginner drifter or a seasoned professional, the Toyota JZX90 is a great car for drifting.


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