Behind The Scenes Drone Filming // Mk5 Supra & GTR R33

Behind The Scenes Drone Filming // Mk5 Supra & GTR R33


Drone technology has revolutionized the world of filmmaking. The ability to capture stunning aerial shots has transformed documentaries, movies, and even advertisements. Today, drone technology is widely accessible, and it is not uncommon to see drones being used in the automotive industry. In this article, we will focus on the behind the scenes footage of the Mk5 Supra and GTR R33 captured by drones.

Let’s dive into the details and uncover what went into the making of the behind the scenes footage.

How Drones Are Used In Filmmaking

Drones have changed the way we can film from above, opening up new possibilities for filming techniques. With drones, filmmakers have access to versatile, detailed footage that was once impossible to capture.

One example of this is the tracking shot. In the past, the tracking shot was incredibly dangerous as filmmakers hung out of a car or used cranes, which limited their shooting range. With drones, filmmakers can create dynamic tracking shots with ease. The drone operators can capture the high-speed action and can follow the cars on tracks that would be impossible or too expensive with other equipment.

Drones also allow filmmakers to capture very detailed scenes. Drones have stabilized gimbals, advanced obstacle avoidance systems, and cameras with high resolution. These features help filmmakers capture high-quality footage, from close-range exterior shots to interior shots in hard-to-reach places.

The Mk5 Supra and GTR R33

The Mk5 Supra and GTR R33 are two of the most famous Japanese sports cars ever made. They are icons in the car world and have a massive following among enthusiasts worldwide. These cars are known for their performance, style, and timeless design.

The Supra was reinvented in 2019 as the Toyota GR Supra, a sports car that was developed in partnership with BMW. The GTR R33 is an older model but remains one of the most sought-after sports cars among enthusiasts. This car is known for its iconic look and excellent driving dynamics.

The Filming Process

The behind the scenes footage for the Mk5 Supra and GTR R33 was filmed using drones. The drones used were the DJI Inspire 2 and DJI Mavic 2 Pro. These drones are known for their ability to capture stable aerial footage.

The creative team decided to use a combination of drones to capture a range of shots for the video. They used the DJI Inspire 2 to capture high-speed shots of the Supra and GTR R33. They also used the DJI Mavic 2 Pro to capture detailed close-up shots of the cars’ interiors and exteriors.

The team used a range of filming techniques to capture the best footage possible. They used tracking shots to capture the high-speed action of the cars, as well as static shots to capture the beauty of the cars. The team also used a drone to capture aerial shots of the cars as they drove on the track.

The footage was captured over two days, with the team working long hours to get the perfect shots. The creative team had to work together closely to ensure that they captured the most dynamic, high-quality footage possible.

The Challenges of Filming Cars

Filming cars presents a unique set of challenges. One of the biggest challenges is capturing the speed and motion of the car without disturbing the drivers. Drones need to fly close to the car to capture dynamic footage without risk of collision. This requires a skilled drone operator who can operate the drone with precision to ensure that the footage is stable, safe, and cinematic.

Another challenge is the lighting conditions. Filming cars requires a lot of natural light, and the creative team had to ensure that the footage was captured during the right time of day to get the best lighting possible. They had to work around the weather, as rain or cloudy skies can affect the final footage.

The team also had to navigate the logistics of filming cars on a track. They had to communicate with other drivers, ensure that they were not in danger, and obtain the appropriate permissions to film on the track. The logistics of filming on a track can be complex and require careful planning and coordination.

The Final Product

The final product was a behind the scenes video showcasing the Mk5 Supra and GTR R33 filmed using drones. The video provides a unique perspective of the cars and takes the viewer behind the scenes of the creation process.

The video captures the high-speed action of the cars on the track, with the drone following the cars as they maneuver through the turns. The video also showcases the cars’ interior and exterior, giving the viewer a sense of the cars’ beauty and design.

The video is a testament to the power of drone technology in filmmaking. The creative team was able to capture high-quality footage that would have been impossible to achieve with traditional equipment.


Drones have transformed the world of filmmaking, and the behind the scenes footage for the Mk5 Supra and GTR R33 is a great example of this. The team used a combination of drones, filming techniques, and careful planning to capture the best possible footage of these iconic cars. The final product is a great tribute to the power of drone technology and the skills of the creative team.

As drone technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see more creative and dynamic footage in the world of filmmaking.

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