Discovered a RX7 89’ sitting in a rundown sketchy neighborhood. The automobile simply been sitting there, it seems okay from the skin. However I’m certain that stunning machine been sitting there for years. My query is, wouldn’t it be smart to purchase it off the individual and spend money on it? Funding – 2k. First automobile.


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  • I mean you’d be VERY lucky to pick that up for $2K. If you can a) get it for that much, b) have a daily driver to use while you park this up and c) have somewhere to store it then yes you should do it. But if the owner has any clue they won’t let it go for $2K.

  • All the advice you receive telling you to avoid this car is correct. It’ll cost more than you expect, probably leave you stranded during some important times in your life, and overall be more difficult and expensive than a new car.

    All that being said, be a mad lad, live your life, and show to the world your appreciation of a finely engineered Japanese machine. I bought my first car at 18, a 1993 Silvia. It pissed every fluid imaginable when I bought it and blew the motor 14 months into ownership.

    That being said, I’ve never regretted my decision. It’s made me grow as a person. The lifestyle and experience that comes from owning an older vehicle is priceless. You’ll learn to truly appreciate engineering and design. Modern vehicles are cushy appliances that don’t encourage any thought beyond ‘gas, brake, steer’. 80s and 90s sportscars will teach you proper driving techniques like rev matching and preserving momentum.

    So just make sure you consider if you’re ready to take the plunge, and forget anyone who tells you not to do it.

  • Don’t call it an investment. Call it a hobby or a passion but investment is misleading yourself. 🙂

  • Can you afford to buy a soon-to-be non runner?
    If you can afford it and are willing to put your hands in it while learning and wasting some money (because learning = making mistakes) then go for it!

    RX7s are awesome and they are very rewarding cars but they also are pretty demoralizing at times.
    They are beautiful garage queens though 😅

    If you can’t afford either the time or money or non running car then stay away from it and maybe share the info with rx7 owners (like rx7club) and let a rotary lover save this FC.

    Source : ex FD owner, went through 2 engines in 2 years without even running much (rotary drift car life…).

  • As a investment, definitely as prices are shooting up even here in New Zealand. First car tho probably not.

  • You forgot a few…

    Yamaha 0X99-11

    Tommy Kaira ZZII

    Autozam AZ-1

    RE-Amemiya/Greddy 6

    Celica ST205 GT-FOUR

    Pajero Evolution

    JDM Integra Type R

    Other cool mentions are..

    Mitsubishi FTO GPX

    Mazda MX-3 Precidia ( with the 1.8 liter V6!)

  • $2k is a steal, my neighbor wanted 1200 for a fc vert that was extremely rusted(top had holes that weren’t patched, seat mounts were rust welded. Broken e brake cable.)

    If the car isn’t rusted to hell, go for it. But save up for a reliable car. I bought a Bugeye wrx as a first car which was a gas guzzler and now has a spun rod a week after I purchased an evo 8 project. But have a Pontiac vibe as a backup.

  • Dont expect it to be a daily driver. If you can afford it as a side car, then yes. It will likely only increase in value. I’d recommend keeping it a stock as possible. If you decide to replace something with an aftermarket part, keep the original part to go with the car when you decide to sell.

  • I’m sure you could make it work as a first car. If not then there’s plenty of old Toyotas for 1-2k that you could use while you fix it

  • If sitting for years…maybe blown gasket.

    Or owner just want to keep the GTU low mileage.

  • If it’s 2k then go for it just know it probably doesn’t run very well if it even does at all. You will need a daily or your parents car, don’t daily drive that

  • There was 1 for a 1000 i was pissed off i was at work… sold before i was off shit everyone loves these now… and 2k would be a steal… terrible first car but id pick it up in a heartbeat

  • Hey bro don’t look at any cars as investments. They’re never good investments so don’t try to justify the purchase as it will appreciate in value justify the purchase because you want a beautiful and fun car if you want to invest the s&p 500 index funds almost always long term outperform any “investment” you could make in a car without any extra emotional or finical needs.

  • We all know you already bought it and we all would do the same mistake 🫶

    Just don’t crash it you should definitely do a driver safety training ( is this correct!?) especially a beginner oftentimes overestimate themselves

  • If you’re not reliant upon a car and you really want to get into the dorito magic then yeah do it. Could be the best thing you have ever had done. It’s like that with most “special” cars, their pretty much never a good decision to buy and work on, but if it brings you a hobby and happiness then go ahead.

  • i want to say no, but knowing me i wouldn’t help but take it lol (only if you’re financially stable though)

  • I hope this is allowed. I just want a good hearted honest, unbiased opinion here. I’m considering giving the owner of the a car a visit. Though, who knows he may be homeless or something. (Yeah it’s one of those neighborhoods) but the car looks perfect from the outside. Other than dirt, and pollen etc.