in search of an inexpensive first JDM automobile. at all times needed to enhance and add mods to my automobile, however i personal an 05 Solara Convertible and that i really feel it’s simply not the suitable automobile to mod. I would like one thing dependable and clear. My price range could be round 10k (dream automobile is a lancer evo) lf one thing related.


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  • if you’re canadian i can give you a pretty strong list

    if you’re US give up, you’ll never find something JDM for 10k, unless you want something automatic and with 20hp

  • Are there even any JDM cars that are worth buying these days priced at 10k? In aus you get automatic, n/a Silvia’s for more than that now…. Not sure what JDM car you have in mind for 10k. But it won’t be good.

  • Keep an eye out on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace. I know my buddy just sold his 96 AE111 RHD for 10k. Car was really clean and had a nice N/A engine with ITBs sounded amazing. Lots of people want the world for these cars but just keep looking and you can find some deals. It all depends what someone paid for their car not everyone wants 20k for everything.

    Just remember one thing, and this is very important. These old cars are 25+ years old now and have lots of little issues and dents and dings and pops and bangs as you drive sometimes. You probably have certain expectations for spending 10-15k on a car and those are going to be shattered when you see what that usually buys you. In a lot of cases these cars need some love and need maintenance like suspension bushings and things like that done. They are not always reliable when you buy them.

  • unsure where you’re from, so i’m assuming US. subaru Impreza/WRX? you can quite easily find 1st and 2nd gens for under $10k. some 3rd gen WRXs are beginning to fall below that threshold as well.

    only problem is you mention wanting reliability and with these cars that can be iffy. but if you’re willing to potentially compromise that aspect i can’t think of anything closer to a lancer evo within your budget.

    is there a reason you’re worried about reliability if you have that solara as a daily? would you be selling it for this? I would caution dailying any car you intend to make a project regardless of their reliability since you’re down a car anyway while installing mods and such.

  • You should be able to find an 8th gen Civic Si in that price range. Fits what you’re looking for as long as you’re not a drive wheel snob.

  • I would say Honda Civic really fun to drive easy to fix if it even brakes down that is. But if you want an evo man just keep on chipping away getting your money saved up and get a evo.