Ideas on the EVO 3. I really feel like the complete 1-3 EVO generations aren’t given sufficient credit score for his or her model. Many individuals neglect they even exist. The EVO 4 additionally wants some love. With the pre -“Face elevate” entrance finish I’ve heard folks name them the ugly ducklings.


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  • I agree. They are lovely looking. Used to know a guy with an evo 1 with close to 400 horse powers and it was absolutely mental.

  • I love them! I’d like to own one but I think it will be pretty hard to keep it running. It’s quite an old car now so I doubt that all parts are still available

  • I have an Evo 3 with a fully built 2.3L Stroker and 600hp on E85. I love it and I’m scared to drive it. I used to want a gtr really bad but I saw one of these and fell in love! Plus 4 doors more whores! These earlier Evos are a lot lighter too, mines just over 2,700 lbs. Things a damn rocket ship. These will be unobtainium soon, bought mine for $26,500 a year ago, now they’re going for $45,000+ at auction in Japan, and then once they make it to the US, they’re sold for $65,000-$80,000. There is not many of these left. Only about 9,000 made, and a good portion of them were wrecked in rally races, or abandoned and left to wrought away in Japan or Australia.

  • Best looking Evo, having seen all generations of Evo in person over the years the III always drops my jaw at meets and such. Great colour on the car in the pic too

  • I got beat by one of these in my mazdaspeed 3 (big boy turbo) and fuck… my worthless feelings and ego were destroyed.

  • Don’t get me wrong. The EVO V, VI & VII, VIII, IX, X will always be better than these earlier generations in quite possibly everything. But these older gens also have a spot on my heart

  • I like them more than the CT9A (7/8/9) and more than the CN9A (4)

    The 6, then 5 are the best, followed by the 10, then 3.

    6, 5, 10, 3, 2, 1, 4, 9, 7, 8.

    I own a 10, and have driven a 6. I’d love to buy a 6, but in 2 years when they are legal they’ll be 50K, and at above 50K, I’m buying a Corvette.

  • Looking at the price of Evo4s they are loved plenty, the price has soared in the last few years for the JDM version as they become legal. Just watch, people want what is new so as time goes on people will drool over each gen they now have access to.

    As far as evo 1-3 those are just super hard to find in a clean condition or even really at all for a fair price. A lot of the Evos were produced for a single year, maybe 2 max in the beginning and like 3 years after that later on until the evo 10s streak. They have been legal long enough and so few were made that they are not something you see very often. The only person buying an evo 3 is a person that is in love with the specific car because they could get a better car for the money by far. Good cars, just priced very very high usually.

  • Let them underrated, if they get more love they begin too expensive and real lovers of those can’t have one. Like all other car that skyrocket in price now…

  • Evo 3 is my favorite. If I had to choose an Evo for a daily, track, grocery, or rally car, Evo 3 everytime.

    I think the later generations tend to be praised more and over-hyped. 3 remains the best looking imo.

  • I prefer the old evos 1-IV to the later generations

    They look perfect mate, god teir shit

  • The evo 3 and 4 are absolutely peak Mitsubishi and anyone who says otherwise is off goop

  • Dude these were literally king of the streets in the early 2000s. Made subaru owners cry. Still see the odd one about most weeks which is cool.

  • Shhhhhh. The fact its still not given enough credit is why their prices are still affordable.