I am contemplating shopping for a Mazda RX-7 and got here throughout one marketed for $10,300. I am simply questioning if it is a legit worth or if it appears too good to be true. I have been performing some analysis on-line and it looks as if the common worth for an RX-7 is a bit increased, so I am simply making an attempt to get a way of w


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  • Depends . If you buy it cash in hand and you personally drive the car off . It’s a good deal . But if it’s one of those send me the money I will ship you the car deals ? It’s a scam lol

  • I’m going to give an answer you probably won’t like, but it sounds like your knowledge of the platform isn’t quite developed enough to commit to this car. No offense to your knowledge as an enthusiast, but JDM cars can be a bigger headache than many anticipate if you’re uninitiated. Finding parts is going to be difficult and expensive, and rotaries are a different animal. If it is 10k and everything is legit, it’s likely going to be an overwhelming project. Just be cautious and do excessive research if your heart is set on it.

  • It’s funny how you can always tell the high school kids from posts like this without even knowing their age. It’s always “Can I buy *insert car* for *insert obscenely low price*” or “How much would *insert car* cost and how much to make it fast?”

    This car is a scam for sure. As others have said, even an FD with that’s not running or has major issues will go for more than $10k. Quick search on BAT shows running and driving FD’s going for anywhere from $25k to $100k. Even FC’s are going for $12k+.

  • Honestly, RX-7 rollers are going for more than that stripped out. It’s definitely a scam, I’m willing to bet that if you message the seller they’ll give some story about them needing payment through an escrow and then shipping you the car. A car like this is one you want to make sure you’re either buying after seeing it in person or are getting it through a reputable source like BaT

  • I will say just go and see it, if it says I can ship to you, it’s definitely a scam! And don’t be suprised if you go see it and it misses some of the parts or even doesn’t run 😀

  • Ask for a tour of the car to see if there’s any major rust, ask for a start up to and ask if there’s any major damage to the car

  • i paid 10,500 for my rx7 back in 2003. it was listed for 13,500, he took off the rims and gave me the stock r1 rims. clean title and it had an engine that lasted 3 yrs before i blew an apex seal. i highly doubt that’s anything more than a stripped out roller

  • The simply answer is no, unless somebody is selling it and had no knowledge of it then it is most likely a scam. You’d have to buy a car from an actual used dealership in Japan for it to be anywhere close to that price ( 20 -30k, not including importing and fees). You’re looking at 40-75k for one in somewhat mint condition and usually 30-50K for one that might need a little bit of work. 10k is just too low for the car not to be a money pit.

    But hey! If you do go fourth with it and its legit, then it’s a steal.

  • work gtc wheels in what looks like 18” + are $1500-3k depending on condition and tyres and more if they have fresh R compounds on

    if this was legit 10k even with a blown engine I would buy it if I could trailer it, even if I had to fly in and rent transport

    There are prob 100 people in my city that would do the same

    100% scam

  • Here in nz you couldn’t get a rolling body for that now. If that’s 10k usd you could get a poor condition rolling body for that money but you ain’t getting nothing running for real. 70-100k for a good running one with reasonable milage here

  • Wankles are not normal. The rats nest alone triggered me. My friend has one. Worked on it a bunch. I really like the car but not the power plant. Personally I’d swap it if I planned on keeping it. Plus good luck finding parts. They don’t make most of them anymore. If you do finally manage to find the part you need be prepared to pay for it.