So, I’ve…an rx7. That isnt what anybody would name a each day, however I am about to show 18 and transfer and change into an grownup and I do assume a each day is required. My rx7 simply had a rebuild, so it would final a superb bit, however I simply wanna know what some good each day drivers are. I nonetheless wanna look good, thanks


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  • No one wants to list every good looking car made in the last 10 years. What are your criteria? At the minimum we need a budget.

  • I used to daily a rx7, it’s literally fine. Little hard on fuel but also it’s a fun daily. Cheaper than buying a whole new car

  • I just bought a 2010 Accord Coupe Ex-L and man is it good.

    Just fast enough, super comfortable, super smooth down the road. Paid $7500

  • RSX Type S or 8th gen Civic Si would fit the bill well, they’re fun revvy cars with a great aftermarket and they’re incredibly reliable and easy to work on. I’d call em a nearly perfect daily for an enthusiast.

  • Get yourself either a Honda/ toyota if you want decently cool with reliability. It’s not gonna turn heads but that’s what your rx7 is for. Id go for either a Corolla past the 2000s just because they’re safer and more modern, or a civic.

  • You could grab a gen1 hyundai veloster. The base model comes with a 1.6, and there’s a 2.0T version that’s quick. My mom has a base model, so reliable, and the 2.0T has power and looks more aggressive.

  • Why exactly are you looking for a different daily driver? Is there some specific need your RX7 isn’t fulfilling right now? Unless you really need extra cargo space, useable seats, or significantly better fuel economy, why not just continue to daily the RX7 until it no longer fulfills your needs?

    If it’s just reliability concerns, keep driving it anyway. Hopefully it will outlast your expectations, and by the time it does let you down, you should have even more cash saved up for a better car than you can afford now.

  • You in us? I want a civic si 9th gen coupe for a daily. My bmw has literally been trying to kill itself since i got my first real job. Check that civic out. Its a lot newer but still has a manual and a k series engine.

    EDIT: last year i liked the rsx type s but those have shot up in price…near the point of overlap and you still might have to do a bit of work here and there

  • Honda Fit!!! Watch some videos on it, actually good daily (good gas mileage, handling, reliability) but also if you wanna have some fun in the twisties it’s also a really good car. The 1st gen is my favorite but really all of the first 3 gens are good. Gears and gasoline have a video in it and then some other famous youtubers do, just watch some videos and I think you’ll really like it.

  • yes 4cyl reliable daily is needed, rx7 is old, is second hand, and may not have been looked after properly by old owner

  • I sold my ‘91 FC for an adult/ snow capable car 10 yrs ago and it still hurts😭😂😭. Think this through!

  • p1 or p2 volvo v70/s70/s60 T5. Got the boost to get going quick and its a tank. Probably prefer the p1 TBH. I have a p2 T5. No mechanical problems rolling up on 200k, but have had some electrical issues. Nothing to leave me stranded but still minor issues. P1 is more simple with less electronics to go wrong. Plus, you slap a turbobrick sticker on the back and you’re a certified badass.

  • I’d grab an em2 coupe honestly. It was my 1st daily when I was 18 and just moved out. It was great on gas and the 5 speed was a blast to drive. Plus they’re cheap because everyone hates on them. Just don’t be like me and slam it then rip your oil pan off at 70mph down the freeway

  • Moving out at 18? 3 years ago yeah now its impossible in the us. Stick with your parents if you want to keep the car