yo guys, im trying to find an inexpensive method on the place to get a nissan silvia s13, im a younger silvia geek from germany however i simply couldnt discover one or they the place overpriced as hell, does somebody know the place to get one and even purchased one already ? could be sort thanks


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  • 16?? If your parents are rich and you have a garage go for anything. Assuming you want a cool car to go sideways in try get some bmw, mx5 or an is200. S13s are in high demand and there’s few clean ones left, you’re also competing with a much older target audience with more experience working on cars and deeper pockets.

  • my guy, we come to germany to import cars into the balkans, cuz the prices on [mobile.de](https://mobile.de) are somewhat reasonable, try autoscout24. But there is no such thing as a affordable silvia or well any JDM classic, at least not here in EU

  • The fastest way is creating a time machine and travel to 2000s and import one from japan. Probably is more affordable plan than buy today one

  • Honestly I am going to tell you what I told someone a month or so ago with the same exact question.

    Get a 350z or G35 while THOSE prices are affordable because I have a very strong feeling they’re going to go up ridiculously like the Silvias.

  • Just a recommended. Look into NC miatas. They’re pretty cheap at the moment, id be expecting them to go up in price soon. But for a 2L, rwd, 6 speed manual with a factory lsd, they drive just as well if not nicer than a non turbo s13. Sure they’re only 2 seater, but a silvia isn’t a practical 4 seater.

  • Something isn’t overpriced if that is what people are willing to pay for it. What you are seeing is simply the current market price for an s13.

  • This is how it goes, I’m afraid.

    Something is cool and reasonably priced. Then everyone catches on and it’s no longer reasonably priced.

    Have you looked at old BMWs?

  • Be very careful with purchasing from auctions if you plan to go that route. Hire a broker if you can to have the car fully inspected. The unfortunate truth about the jdm legend cars now is that a majority of the “clean” examples that are being sold are salvaged, poorly repaired cars that are not safe to drive.
    It’s very hard to find something affordable nowadays which is the unfortunate truth but deals do still pop up, you just need some patience.

  • look for other car markets in the EU, since I believe over there you can import cars without a problem, most likely you’re gonna find one with a good price if you look through all EU markets

  • idk ab cheap but from japanese auction sites u can pick them up for about £11-17k average from what i’ve seen. hatch might be cheaper or more expensive idk but obviously u gotta pay import fees. me personally i’d pay that and get an import, i love the cars, for me any of them around the UK area are super expensive, being broke for parts or don’t exist

  • Maybe have a look for an Altezza/IS200, they’re pretty popular here in Japan, so maybe that’ll get over the pond as well

    S13 ist leider zu teuer diggi, wir haetten alle gerne eine

  • Overseas they’ll be cheap although I’m not sure what your budget nor import prices look like for you in Germany. The only reason I got my hands on one is because we have a local car importer than actually had a handful of them in stock. Other than that check to see if there’s any listed on local websites because POS teenagers love to get these and rice them out. Best of luck!

  • Mit 16 fängt man doch nicht gleich Silvia an, kauf dir nen Honda oder sowas und guck erstmal ob das ganze Auto Ding wirklich deins ist und sammel Erfahrung. Ich fahre aktuell nen MX5 und der frisst schon ordentlich Kohle. Es gibt ab und zu eine Handvoll Silvia auf eBay Kleinanzeigen, die sind aber alle maßlos überteuert also so 20-30k. Und Versicherung, Teile, Sprit und alles musst du ja auch noch bezahlen, also da hängt noch sehr viel mehr dran als der Kaufpreis.

  • You wont. You’re gonna have to look for alternatives, 5th gen preludes look similar to these from the rear, but even those are hard to come by in some places.

    I recommend you go onto your local 2nd car website, set the filters to ($124 – ur max budget), then set the max year to 1996 or 97, and sort by new, and book mark this page. Then every single day check for cars, until eventually you will find an older car that has potential, that you never would’ve considered before.

    If you know some basic photoshop, it helps to edit the car to see how it would look lowered and with a boxier body kit on it

  • Clean ones are hard to find these days. But from what I’ve seen from dealing with a lot of people from Europe through my job. There’s been a rise of usdm spec s13 240sx going there as either rough shape or a rolling shell being imported. since they’re still affordable although a built or clean example is still pushing $10k USD. But depends on your budget in the end and what you’re will to spend and if you’re looking for motor side too. CA18s are still relatively cheap compared to the sr20s and do have some decent support. But most people who go for a chassis want an SR20 which have been pretty pricey as of the last few years, buttt have a fuck ton of support so it’s easier to get after market parts of varying prices.

    If you’re looking to slide and have a rwd car I would just go to g35/z33 platforms as while the VQs do sound like butt cheeks, they’re at some of the most affordable prices right now and may be worth holding to as they’re gonna have less and less clean examples over the years. Plus they have plenty of after market support and finding the right exhaust can mitigate the rasp that makes them sound bad. Plus it being a more modern car has better creature comforts for casual driving too since a chassis are pretty bare bones for todays standards on vehicles.

    If you’re still adamant on not getting those, e36/e46, is200/300, gx100/110 (and slap a turbo on it it’ll make 400 hp to the wheels with the correct supporting mods) mx-5 up to NC gen, and Hyundai genesis (if they sell those in Europe) are all cheaper platforms to get into that have good after market support and you can find clean examples for less than $10k USD.

  • In 2018 I paid $2900 cad for an absolute drift missile rust bucket, I remember thinking I overpaid back then, boy if only I knew how prices would be post-covid

  • I’m from germany too. Even if you find one in ok condition (minimal rust, runs and will still pass inspection (TÜV) at least once without work or still has 2 years left) it will be hella expensive. If you don’t want to do a restauration forget it. Get a IS200 Sport or an E36/45. It’ll still throw some work at you here and there but that’s what you get with buying old cars. It’s not as easy as buying and driving. Plus taxes and insurance for such a car at 17 will probably leave you without a lot of money, for repairs, maintenence, fuel let alone minor mods. Just a guess of course I don’t know your financial situation.

  • Honestly I think the best you can get is in Germany. I haven’t looked into it that deep but the cheapest options in Europe is in Germany from what I’ve seen. Otherwise it’s technically “cheaper” to buy from one of the baltics but then you get a rebuilt totaled car, which is like playing roulette. Otherwise you have to import from Japan which also works but it quickly gets expensive to impoert into the EU because of the taxes.

    But what do I know? I might be wrong, but this is my experience from Sweden.

  • If by affordable you mean around 15k and 4k for insurance you may be ok but even then it’s a 30 year old car so it will come with 30 year old car problems

  • I imagine you’d want a lhd s13. I can’t imagine being a new driver and having a rhd car in a lhd country. Simply sounds like an inconvenience. Why not get an NA/NB mx5. Low power but fun and then can always turbo it. I have and find 215whp in a light chassis to be rather fun.

  • Having owned multiple r/s-chassis in the past, my advice to you in the current market is to just save up until you can afford a nice one with no rust.

    I have seen the odd S13 Silvia show up in or near Germany for sub €10k in the past year, though they were either CA18DE or SR20DE, so no turbo fun, but you can work with this.

    Also I would not suggest paying too much for one. A better driving experience can be had for less or equal money

  • What do you count as overpriced? These cars are not cheap anymore. If you expect to find something in the price range of what you have seen in Japan, I have bad news for you. Count in local delivery costs and brokerage in Japan, export clearance broker fees, port fees in Japan, shipping to Bremerhaven, port fees in Germany, import clearance broker fees in Germany and the biggest part – count all previous costs together and add VAT 19% + import tax 10%. Then deliver it from port to your home. Then rebuild headlights to have correct beam and register the car, include all registration costs. Price as seen in Japan can easily double until its delivered, customs cleared and registered in Germany. I have imported car from Japan by myself. It is expensive.

    That being said there was one ps13 in Estonia, imported from Japan, taxes paid, but not registered, listed at around 13k euro. A bit rusty, visual defects all around, but not complete trash. Was sold in less than week.

  • Dotn grt one of these as your first car.
    You can’t afford it as is clear from the comments.

    Get a civic

  • I wanted one, the import costed me 60k swiss francs. So i said fuck it, I’ll put 20k on top of that and get a r32, no silvia is worth 60k as much as i love them. Then i saw that the r32 would cost 90k, too much for buying a car sight unseen. At the end i ended up buying an s14, got a great one with just 55k km, professionally upgraded and being eudm it was LHD. I prefer the s13 by a long long stretch but i don’t regret it at all.